Online Original: Health experts share advice before returning to the gym

Greenville, NC. (WNCT) North Carolina’s second phase 2.5 process is creating excitement and anxiety. The new stage allows the opening of gym and indoor exercise facilities at 30% capacity.

The reopening process has created an important question for gym-gears across the state – how will people stay safe and maintain their health while working outside the home?

“Your health and safety is number one priority when you return to the gym,” said Savannah Berfoot of EC College of Health and Human Performance.

ECU faculty members spent the past few months with COVID-19 mitigation protocols in lab-based facilities.

“We have a research lab that provides practice training,” Barefoot said. “We have a reopening plan that needs to be approved by the ECU, all the details of what we’re doing – how we’re cleaning up, how we’re screening people, how we’re doing every aspect of our work.”

They have used the guidelines of local, state and national health authorities so that protocols can be re-introduced to the public with the benefits of gym and indoor practice.

“Find out what cleaning supplies you are using and what things you are using and what the actual killing times of those cleaning supplies are. A lot of times, these disinfectants are sprayed on something and don’t stay wet for the right amount of time.

Experts say viruses such as bacteria and COVD-19 die before they can spread.

“Just make sure you’re using any piece of equipment and any disinfectant you’re using to kill any kind of bacteria, virus or something like that, you’re using it properly,” Barrefoot explained.

When you go back to the gym, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

“Ask your gym what their protocols are, what their initial methods are going to be.”

Keep your health and safety in mind. Experts advise the use of masks and maintaining a safe social distance between others. Your health and safety is number one priority when going back to the gym.

In the end, make it easy.

“When you go back in March you probably won’t go back to that level. So, just kind of take it easy and don’t go back to it every day, make sure you’re taking adequate rest breaks and things like that, ”Barefoot explained.

This is one time health experts encourage you to be extra careful. Don’t assume that someone else has cleaned the equipment before you. Take the initiative and do it yourself

Check back this evening for a full online original video featuring Savana Barefoot’s advice before heading back to the gym.

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