On the day, David Tennant shows a great range of Doctor Who stars

ITV’s latest TV offer – Des – debuted to an audience of 5.4 million viewers on Monday, making it the broadcaster’s biggest drama launch of the year so far.

The three-part series, where the story of great serial killer Dennis Nielsen proved popular with viewers for a variety of reasons – from his fancy cast to the plot of his life of truth – is perhaps the biggest figure in David Tennant’s cool acting title as the culprit.

The image of Nielsen’s silent naughty nature has been effortlessly portrayed through the tenant from the moment we meet the murderer, who immediately confesses to his organized horrific murder. But it’s not towards the end of the first episode – during an interview with Nielsen’s police detective Peter Jay (played great by Daniel Mayes) – we see the actor’s performance in the glory of his entire bloodbath.

Tenant’s Nonchant, Nolsen’s Dead-Eye Distribution of Crime makes mourning one of the most intense scenes on television for police officers this year, and those watching his image can easily forget that this same actor who won the hearts of race and a generation of teenage girls. Has included himself) as a doctor.

David Tennant in the role of Dennis Nielsen ITV

While Tenant’s incredible range shouldn’t surprise viewers at this point in his career, Des is the latest showcase of his ability to transform the opposite character into a chameleon-like character – from generous aliens and naughty monsters to cool to serial killers and complex modern-day men.

Like many, my first acquaintance with David Tennant was when he became the tenth doctor after the departure of Christopher Eccleston, a BBC doctor who rebooted in 2005. When he was left to give up big shoes, Tenant effortlessly became the instructor of conversation. With his contagiously wide delivery, elastic facial expressions, squeaky wrinkles and intricate yet forceful speeches, he became the head of Time Lord’s decor.

His multi-level performance as a doctor can arouse both fear and laughter among the show’s wide audience, while sometimes holding back a few tears during the Lord’s most heartbreaking moment (I still haven’t after his departure from Rose on Beige) Wolf Bay). Not to mention Tenant’s abundant English accent, which the teenager was shocked to discover me, was imitated by hearing the actor’s natural Scottish tone during an interview.

David Tennant at Broadcharch

During his five-year stint as a doctor, his subsequent career worked even harder if the ability to jump from a sensitive final to a hat drop was not clear. Already a brief, yet scene-stealing appearance as Harry Potter and the Unleashed Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr. in The Goblet of Fire, he later played the character of Haunted Detective DI Alec Hardy on ITV’s Broadchurch and his charismatic speed. Award-winning Olivia Coleman who received critical acclaim for both actors.

Tenant continued to branch out in science and the supernatural, playing Marvel’s Jessica Jones and human-controller villain Kilgrave in the role of Good Women’s Earth-dweller Rakshan Crowley, who performed his own comedy on the Lockdown Sitcom stage. , W1A and comedy-drama there he went.

The 49-year-old actor has taken on characters from both ends of the moral narrative and starred before the killers, Netflix’s intense drama Criminal and his turn as the secretly manning husband Tom of the Deadwater Fell earlier this year – but his acting on the des takes it to a whole new level.

The award-winning actor with the ITV drama killer not only sees sharply, Tennant’s manipulative yet seemingly assertive monster, his calm and collected explanation of the murder he committed, and his own logical thinking about why he might be.

Although the miniseries reached a conclusion tonight, it was a gripping and illuminated surveillance, highlighting the irreversible damage done by any assassin who had been reluctant to stay for years, it also created a lifelong role for Tenant, who was once again pure righteousness and irrationality. Evil has proved his talent for playing the reflection of both.

The day ended at 9pm tonight on ITV. Find out what else to watch with our TV guide.

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