Omori: Solution guide where to find all the necessary hangman keys

You may not have heard of Omori. This dark JRPG has evolved over 6 years after a successful kickstarter campaign and by the end it has the potential to be available for gamers to try before the end of 2020 – and it is interesting enough in itself. Basically, I think it deserves a little attention.

Omori is a dark, psychological RPG where you discover a strange dream state known as White Space. It’s light, silly, colorful, and together menacing – kind of like an undertail, but with a different aesthetic, and a very different story. There is a mystery to unravel and a lot of that mystery needs to be solved by the Hangman Puzzle that appears whenever you enter white space.

If you look for all the necessary hangman letters, they can be found. To solve the puzzle we’re just going to make a list of your Hangman characters.

Hangman Puzzle | All necessary key locations

Note: While managing the Hangman puzzle, it is not necessary to complete it for good / bad consequences.


  • A key: Disaster Forest – Steps up near tree stumps
  • B key: Huge forest – above the bridge connecting you to the train station. It is right in the middle of the bridge.
  • C key: Huge Forest – Change to the right of the map, go to the top right and climb up the stairs to find this key in a seal.
  • What is this?: Other Worlds – After a boss fight, look under the pillow to get the key.

Three days left

  • Who: Sweetheart’s Castle – Inside the Art Gallery.
  • L key: Mall Town Sprout – You Can’t Miss It. It is on the way after leaving the castle.

Two days later

  • M key: Incidia Highway – Found during the “sinking” sequence. Jump to the bottom of the hole to find this key. Like before, you can’t miss it.
  • What is that?: Casino – On the outside of the casino, enter the pool on the right to enter a haunted party room. Look in the bottom corner to find this key.
  • P key: Casino – 1F found in men’s house.
  • S key: India Highway – Found inside a clam between two toll booths.
  • T key: Humphrey’s Stomach – During the test rush sequence, use the key to drop the abbreviated tank on the way. Later, the key will spit after you escape into the dream world.

One day left

  • W key: Dream World – Found after defeating Humphrey.

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