Omori: How to get every ending with true, bad and secret consequences

Omori is a weird little game that has an alternative ending that relies entirely on your options. Some beginnings are determined by specific actions at the beginning of the game – but most endings are achieved through the choices you make before (or during) the encounter with the final boss.

Basically, we guys have a lot of stuff you can do for alternative finishing. If you’re worried about accidentally having a bad outcome, we’ve got all the last ways listed below. There are some Big Time Story Eliminator Here, so I advise you to come back after earning at least one end.

There’s a true ending, a bad ending, and a weird off-shoot option ending with a secret bonus finish’s end is it too late? According to this author, there is not enough end to it.

All last guide | True, bad and secret consequences

  • Note:: All ends (except Hikikomori) need to follow the “Sunny Route” – or the standard route where you answer the doors at Sunny House. It’s up to you “Faraway Town”Department. You need to follow this route to get the following four completion experiences.

True end

At the end of the game, choose to face Mint Next to Slipover, you will fight Omori.

Get to the end of the truth, You need to keep fighting Omori. Don’t give up. You will still eventually lose. There is no gain in its vicinity. Will lose, and you will reach the end of truth.

Waking up in a hospital, go downstairs to find your friends. They share ways – follow Tulil to get to the real end.

Bad ending

The Bad ending Occurs during the war against Omori. To get this result, Choose to give up And stop fighting.

This allows Omori to fully occupy. When you wake up in the hospital, Omori forces you to go to the roof and jump.

Secret termination

Secret Completion a Extra bonus ends It follows the true ending. Completion credits will appear later.

Get the secret endingYou must Water the sunny flower 3 times During its divisions. If you do, it will end at the end of the credits, with Basil and Sunny smiling at each other and some of their identities disappearing.

Don’t face the end

To end something, After waking up, leave Basil’s house Don’t deal with him in sleepover. Just leave and Go home to sleep. Sunny enters white space – a variety of things can happen depending on your preferences.

  • Go straight to sleep at home And you’ll wake up to Movo reaching home, and the sirens in the distance indicate that Basil is dead.
  • Pick up the knife in the kitchen Sunny would kill herself before going to bed and using the “stab” to wake up from the white space.
  • Go back to sleep in Basil’s room And you will wake up to find Basil dead. Look in the bathroom mirror and something will appear, forcing your deformed body to return home and play one of the first two ends.

Hikikomori is coming to an end

Finally, there is an optional finish that you can start and unlock Hikikomori route. To follow this path, ignore knocking on Sunny’s door and don’t answer it. It’s up to you “Faraway Town“Departments, replacing them with completing homework.

The alternative path unlocks exclusive new territories, bosses and features for this region. And a The last variant This is equivalent to some of the finishes listed above. You have to play this route to get started, because there is only one ending for this route.

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