/Ohio Lawmakers Claim Kent State Anime History Book Promotion “Sexual Violence”

Ohio Lawmakers Claim Kent State Anime History Book Promotion “Sexual Violence”

A pair of Ohio state representatives have threatened that if the school does not remove a book on the history of anime from its curriculum, it will claim that the book promotes “sexual violence.”

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As first published in Fox 19, Ohio, the question in the book began to be limited when a high school-age student enrolled in a university class as part of a college program, objecting to the use of anime from Akira to Howell’s Moving Castle: as part of the required textbook. Gaining experience in contemporary Japanese animation, he told his professor via email exchange that the text was against his “moral obligations” and made him “very, very uncomfortable.”

In response, Professor Brenda Stephens asked the student, “Is the text against your personal ethics?”

Written by Dr. Susan J. Napier, the academic text explores the social, artistic, and economic history of the anime genre and describes itself as “the official source of anime for the bursting market of viewers who want to know more.”

According to a review, Dr. Napier has explored various anime titles, ranging from mainstream hits like Sick in Akira and Ghost to lesser-known adult-movies like Wicked City and Legend of the Overfined.

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Believing the book to be pornographic in nature, the student’s parents eventually brought their concerns to the Ohio State Government, where it drew the attention of Ohio State Representative Reggie Stoltzfas and Don John.

“It’s not even out of pornography,” Staplesfass stressed. “It’s violent. It’s dark now. It’s violent sexual activity. The pictures are very twisted. You know someone with a crooked mind has to bring these things. It’s talked about the rape of high school-age girls and it’s the core of the iceberg.”

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“We are promoting at this university,” he added. “We are promoting sexual violence.”

“I have informed the university that this material is not acceptable and probably they think it is acceptable,” Rep. Stoltzfas said. “

He continued, “So if at the general meeting all my friends are going to receive a copy of this book courtesy of me, and we will look for this book, and we will decide whether this university is worthy? The taxpayer is paying 150 million every year.”

Repress Stoltzfas further argued that the student at the center of this debate would be given an alternative responsibility and that the book would be permanently drawn from the whole of the university curriculum.

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In an effort to correct what they believe to be sexual beliefs and public support for dangerous material, the two delegates wrote a letter to Kent State demanding that the university stop supplying juvenile adult material and review their policies to ensure it does not happen again.

The correspondent wrote, “Some of these” educational “elements shared with me by the student’s parents were detailed and the details of the violence were deeply disturbing. Just as disturbing is the refusal to take any action or provide any accommodation for a minor student in Kent State.” To be honest, Kent State University appears to be offering college credit for studying porn. “

The two further argued that “this is not about ‘educational freedom’ or censorship,” and that they “did not suggest that minors admitted to Kent State – or, for that matter, any students – be allowed access to or from a safe place.” The truth of history, victories and tragedies, “he said,” but students should never be forced to study pornography in order to pass the class. “

In a statement to Fox 19, the school stated that it was “aware of the objections to reading and enrolling in a freshman composition course” and how “students should be employed in the importance, strength and beauty of writing,” explaining the essay to several departments of faculty freshman composition. There are some themes that they believe will be of particular interest to college-age students. “

“As part of a composition course entitled College Writing Eye, Social Issues through Anime, this internationally popular artwork teaches college-level writing lessons between men and women through prisms of prevalent critical social issues such as mental health challenges, stereotypes, violence and relationships.” Wrote. “The scheduled text prepares the class for conversations about topics and themed topics. Faculty has academic freedom to communicate ideas for discussion and learning to meet course objectives. ”

Kent State also denied their parents’ initial allegation that the school inadvertently set up ‘offensive’ material for their child, making it clear that “all students in the college’s Credit Plus program and their legal guardians must sign acknowledgment that the materials are enrolled in a course.” May include earlier adult themes. “

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At the time of writing, the specific content of the book that offended the two lawyers remains unknown, but in an interview with Otakuasara, Dr. Napier guessed that it was “a chapter […] On Japanese animation pornography. “

“Some things are very unpleasant. It shows real violence against women, “said Dr. Napier in detail.” I thought it was really important to highlight pornography. It was reasonably available and I knew people in the West were watching it, so I thought some people should explore it. If you want to understand anime as a whole part of Japanese culture, you need to be aware of this.

“You don’t have to watch it,” he added. “I never recommend it”

Dr. Napier also shared his thoughts on the growing issue of censorship, telling Anime Newslet, “We are very concerned about what we are saying these days. Which is a good thing in many ways. We need to be careful not to engage in harmful or hate speech. But I think now there is a trend where you don’t have to deal with controversial issues. “

“And I think some porn anime is bothering me. But I definitely think it’s because it’s annoying because it has to be dealt with, “he continued.” We need to engage in ugly or annoying things in a rational, purposeful fashion. I think if we ignore things, we’re going to fence off certain things. Trying but I think it hides everything it does.I think it’s annoying to discover that you don’t want to look for such controversial things and want to judge an entire book through it.

“As you said, most of the book is about Japanese animation. Dr. Napier concluded that they were shocked when I was asked to ban the book and use the word ‘pornographic’ about the book. “The idea of ​​realizing this is that if you ignore a controversial issue or don’t like to suppress it, it’s not a very intelligent way to approach an issue. It may come back and more flowers may come because it is seen as forbidden. “

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