Oh Bothar’s perfect companion for maintaining peace while working at home

Since many of us are currently working from home, being able to connect with another person in the same home is a matter of meeting us. The “Oh Boot” app was released today, as it promises to help its users.

Described as a “mini app for the iPhone”, Ou Bothar can help prevent temporary disruptions. You can share your status with other users – a process implemented through iCloud sharing. You can then turn your situation into “unbeatable” or “untrustworthy”.

If you wish, you can add a timer to change the situation immediately after fixing your situation, such as “I received a video call” or “I received headphones”. People you share your status with will see it in the app, and when it changes, it may receive push notifications, so you know you’re not currently.

Developer Dan app explains the inspiration behind the development:

My husband and I started working from house to house and we realized that it was easier to get close to each other’s fingers if we wanted to talk all day. If I take a quick break from work to make coffee, for example, I often make noise, or try to start a conversation, forget that he is in the middle of a phone call, or just concentrate on hard work.

I really enjoyed using the app and the way it was labeled. It’s simple, it completes the task and at the same time has the right amount of play which is exactly what you need if you want to transform your home into a level.

Oh, both are available in the free App Store. Users wishing to support the development can look to purchase an app that gives them access to some additional cosmetic options such as alternative icons and color palettes.

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