NXT UK status update, WWE talent missing news

NXT UK has been shut down since the global epidemic spread. Now we can get an NXT UK status update of sorts.

Also, we’ve got news of the loss of recent RAW tapes in WWE talent.

NXT UK status update

Many of them shut down NXT UK when the global epidemic hit. Now, we are finally getting an NXT UK status update.

According to competition observers, WWE officials announced the talent for the mandatory conference call on June 30 (as of yesterday).

Image Credit: Provided via wwe.com

By Tuesday evening, news began to emerge about exactly what was or was not discussed. Many were likely to have something concrete about returning to filming, but that was not the case.

#WWE #NXTUK Talent suspended, two referees fired, conference called today https://t.co/eZkxaHkt0d

– wrestleviewview.com (restelviewview) July 1, 2020

With this in mind, what we have seen is that the WWW NXT UK cannot be expected to remove the brand. Rumors spread that in the absence of the show, the future of the brand was in doubt.

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On top of the lack of show-killing items, several NXT UK superstars have been involved in the recent #spacingout movement. Complaints certainly do not sit well with company executives.

As per reports, the call focused on revising company policies covering certain behaviors. On top of this refresher, it was noted that the company suspended Joe Coffey as a result of recent allegations against him.

In addition to the coffee suspension, two NXT UK referees have been loosened due to allegations against them. They joined Liegero, Travis Bank and Jack Gallagher as soon as the superstars were released due to allegations.

Triple H made a vague comment about returning to filming, worth it. Although no date has been released, it was said that WWW is committed to returning to filming as soon as possible.

Considering the rumors of the upcoming shutdown, at least the brand stays on.

WWE talent is missing

The WWW had to change RAW and SmackDown on a regular basis during the epidemic. This is at least partially due when the WWE talents lose the raw cut and give short notice.

This week, several inseparable superstars missed the show for a variety of reasons.

Another report from Wrestling Observer states that Ray Mistrio and his son were initially planned to appear on the show. Later, that decision shifted to where Ray and son Dominic were present via remote connection.

Randy Orton was mentioned in the show, wanted a part of the legendary killer with the Big Show… but Orton was not on the show either.

Significantly absent among others are Liv Morgan, Austin Theory, The Street Love and Natalya.

Only Natalaka in this group can be confirmed to be away due to COVID warnings. The report found that last week, husband Tyson Kid showed up at a taping with a fever and was mistaken for a precautionary measure to keep the WWW couple away from the show, even though the tests were negative.

On the positive side, the WWE found ways to continue the program that they were involved in running side by side. As long as there are epidemic concerns, it’s not too bad to have fewer superstars in any tapping.

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