NWHL cancels Isobel 2020 Cup final due to epidemic

The league announced on Friday that the National Women’s Hockey League has canceled the Isobel 2020 Cup final.

The championship match between the Boston Pride and the first Minnesota Highcaps squad was originally held in Boston on March 13, but was postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

NWHL Commissioner Danny Rylan said in a statement, “We are very disappointed by these two great teams and fans that we have had a shameful game to end the season but this global health crisis has overtaken the sport,” NWHL Commissioner Danny Rylan said in a statement. League. “On a personal level, our focus is on supporting each other and taking care of our families. As leagues and businesses, everything we’ve done since the epidemic started and everything we’ve continued to do has been focused on staying in a good position to return safely to the game. “

The decision to cancel the final at the inauguration was a collaborative effort between the NWHL, the Players Association, the staff and the leadership corps of the two teams.

Rylan said the NWHL is moving to early November for the 2020-21 season, which will also be the inaugural promotion of the Toronto League’s new franchise expansion.

“When the games start again, we want to be the best for our fans, players, partners and everyone who believes in the NWHL.” “Thanks everyone.”

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