NRL’s Graham Ansley plays his Donald Trump card as high-trackl decline figures emerge

But this neat spin on the bad news from past and former politicians is the only comparison that should be made between Trump and Annasley. Ansley is a Member of Parliament, Crown Minister, at least once holding a sports portfolio of NSW coalition government sports.

However, he vacated his seat to become the CEO of NRL’s most struggling club, the Gold Coast Titans. Prior to that, he was the top referee and Chief Operating Officer of NRL before returning to headquarters. He knows something about service and sacrifice.


He responded with a one-mile tongue compared to Trump on an acre of cheek: “I’m flattered that you compared my weekly Monday afternoon music to the power and influence that the free world leader enjoyed.”

Anisle insisted he was not objecting, saying, “In the context of judicial allegations and wrestling-type crimes, I truly believe that this year we can mark at least some of the club’s years of experience for extended investigations.” With expert analysts.

“I do not agree that it logically follows that further judicial charges automatically equate to a rising incidence of crime. In fact, I can argue that more intense investigations have the opposite effect which in turn increases the awareness of coaches and players that crime rates decrease over time. “

For the restarted 2020 season, NRL introduced a six-rule designed to eliminate wrestling again. So, we don’t want to blame the new rule if there is an upsurge in shaking calls.

Better to blame George Orwell’s 1984 masterpiece for provoking and extended surveillance, similarly Trump blamed U.S. states for spreading COVID-19 in a test to increase amplitude. However, when Trump told the Tulsa rally, “That’s why I told my people to reduce this test,” Ansley was determined to monitor and collect statistics.


“Our aim is to monitor and collaborate on information about the methods and techniques used on the field so that we can provide a safe environment for players, so that crime is not cracked but ensured,” he said.

Ansley further claims that the six-time rule “focuses on referees”, probably because there is no stoppage to analyze the commenter’s judgments, but he will not accept that they are less accountable.

In fact, he suggested that God could also judge them: “I’m going to suggest the role of accountability to some more people on the planet (or any other big place for this matter!)

However, he did not deny the referees the right to judge the commentators. “Our purpose in encouraging free-flowing recreational football does not preclude any observer from forming a perspective on the practice of judgment and judgment in an attempt to consistently build a raw barbed wire fence of loyalty,” he said.


So, if Rugby League Central does not have an Aurolian big brother policy to ban rebellious thinking, how George Orwell, in his recent Monday scandal, clearly rejected language as “political language” – is designed to create lies. Truthful and honorable, and to give the fresh air the look of solidarity. “

“I can assure you that Rugby League Central has certainly not hit 13 clocks and 1984 is behind us. While George Orwell envisioned a dark and oppressed future, we are actively pursuing a bright and prosperous future for our game,” Ansley told Orwell via channel. “I’m trying to build. Not everyone gets on this journey despite being a minority, but Orwell himself said in immortal words, ‘If freedom means something, it means the right to say what people don’t want to hear.'”

That’s right!

Roy Masters is a sports columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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