/Nova Launcher 7 Hand-on: Still want to go to Android Launcher?

Nova Launcher 7 Hand-on: Still want to go to Android Launcher?

There is no homescreen replacement that is popular and respected enough as the Nova Launcher on Android. It’s a major, customizable stalwart, but courtesy of the Nova Launcher 7 Beater it has received its biggest update in recent years.

Old habits die hard and changing from the promoter of your choice is certainly not something easy. You are comfortable, happy and the only content in the launcher you have used for years, but why is the update of Nova Launcher such a big deal? Well, from Android Nougat it is easy to change or change the largest volume in the launcher.

Without searching too much into the underlying causes, it’s effectively a complete ground-up rewrite of the largest and most popular launcher in the Google Play Store. This has brought a steady mountain of problems as a result of the old “original” build. There are plenty of new tweets and additions to True Tinker.

Video – Hands-on with Nova Launcher 7

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Nova Launcher 7: What’s new?

The biggest changes in the Nova Launcher are undoubtedly felt. By the way, we don’t want to say your own UI, but there are several new settings and a good amount of them you will instantly notice that if you are an experienced one of the Thuring app. Nova can’t be called “inhibiting” or “lacking of options”, but thanks to this full review, things could get deeper as future updates come out.

Things feel a lot smoother and smoother than the old Nova builds. I can’t personally say that Nova felt slow or jagged most of the time, but it also felt so fast that things were hard to quantify until things were finally introduced in their own way.

Unfortunately, it’s worth noting that the Nova Launcher 7 has at least some temporary removal in the beta build. Make sure you are running Nova Launcher 7.0.10 or newer, otherwise you will lose the option to use the “Horizontal” application drawer format. This is probably not a problem, just something to notice.

When you want to place widgets on your device’s homescreen, they’re easier to find in the brand-new Quick Access window. Long press on a homescreen gap, then swipe down to load all the widgets you can keep right on all your device pages. This eliminates the need to tap on the dedicated “Widgets” panel and streamlines the process. It actually makes us wonder why no other launcher has done this before.

A new “Search” section has been added to Nova Launcher 7 that allows you to add or change default search providers when using built-in Nova Search widgets. You can force third-party search clients such as DocDakGo or directly to Google Play Store searches. I think this is probably one of the deadliest additions, but in the current state of the bug, the limit is almost endless as long as you keep the correct URL queries, allowing you to set the default system search option almost anywhere.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the result of the new “Search” section, but Nova Launcher now has a few uninterrupted search bar logo styles for you to choose from. You can choose an icon or a favicon added by search providers or applications from

A huge advantage for those running Android 10 or newer builds is that the build is playing great with gestures – something that hasn’t been the most “fun” experience for quite some time. This is not a problem if you like on-screen navigation buttons, but with more devices now shipping with gestures as a native navigation method, Nova must support them properly / fully.

Extended folder icons and layouts have also joined this latest Nova build, as you have more tweets at your fingertips. The new one is in the “radial” folder icon format. This simple circular shape curls the application icons and then animates a “spin” by tapping to expand the application folders. It’s pretty neat but not particularly groundbreaking.

With more folder icon options, you can provide more pop-up menu options with Nova Launcher with You can toggle more options when you long press and hold the app icon in your local storage with the new ability to actually save the APK file If you say, you wanted to share the app with someone at a later date.

The Nova Launcher 7 has a toggle that allows you to remove the haptic response while fully expanding the notification shadow. Alternatively, you can add haptic feedback when you want to quickly expand your toggles section.

All of this is seen as the only tip of the iceberg in a variety of ways, as new features are likely to be added in the next few weeks – and possibly as the beta episode expands over the next few months. The biggest changes are still under the hood and the overall Nova experience should be extended during the day.

Where can I find Nova Launcher 7?

Nova Launcher 7 is still in beta at the moment. It is not yet available on the Google Play Store but is being distributed through the official Nova Discord server. You need to sign up to Discord and then you can gain access to the APH file which you are then able to sideload on your device.

All the new features and this complete Launcher 3 remake should be available in the full version of Nova Launcher in the coming months. Heck, you can even tell developers your features via the official Discord server.

What is your favorite Android launcher?

Nova Launcher is sure to be popular, but the Google Play Store has literally thousands of custom launchers for Android – just a few more EM-install options that come here as part of every OM device. Are you going to try this new build on Nova? Or do you have another favorite launcher? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think.

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