Not all torment and despair for Victorians Movies, ski areas are open for business

With the resumption of movies across the state, Victorians may be engaged in some movie magic with chop-tops and buckets of popcorn.

Further north, the main ski areas of the state of Mount Buller, Mount Hotham and Falls Creek were also open for business on Monday, where there are social distance rules and lift passes need to be pre-purchased at some spots.

In Victoria, movie theaters were allowed to seat up to 50 patrons but due to the sharp increase in COVID-19 cases, the theater is limited to 20 people, there is also a system of social distance.

In Melbourne, Cinema Nova reopened its doors to return to its popular “Discount Monday” after closing on March 23rd three months ago.

Cinema Nova executive director Natalie Miller, Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Cap and Australian filmmaker Kitty Green celebrated in film style, with a special breakfast screening for Green’s film The Assistant officially opening at 11 a.m. for a screening for the morning screening.

MS Miller, Mayor Cap and Green Monday morning. Photo: AAP

Carlton Icon has welcomed film fans with a whole slate of more recent movies and new releases, including classics like The Big Lebowski and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Cinema Nova CEO Christian Connelly said it was disappointing that the number of people in the movies had dropped from 50, and that reopening with 20 patrons was still something to be encouraged.

“We’re just going to punch and take it in our stride and adapt it this way to whatever we have so far,” he said.

Strict hygiene measures, social distance and thorough cleaning of movies will be implemented. Photo: AAP

Nova is taking strict health measures in all movies, including social distance, 20-minute cleanups between movie sessions, daily staff temperature checks and hand sanitizers available throughout the event.

Mr Conley said more than 600 tickets had been sold before the Nova was re-launched, which he said was somewhat surprising but very encouraging.

Cinema Nova Monday is putting on the traditional theatrical $ 10 ticket, which Mr. Conley says is appropriate for its relaunch.

“It’s kind of great that our first day back Monday is going to be a discount, because people are so eager to come back, and it’s amazing to be able to give people the opportunity to spend a little less to enjoy,” he said.

With the start of the ski season, skiers at Mount Hotham are getting excited. Photo: Mount Hotham

Meanwhile, the ski season officially began after weeks of delays in NSW and Victoria, but will not do business normally when the mountains open, where there are social distance rules and lift passes need to be pre-purchased at a few spots.

Threadbow and Victoria’s Mount Buller at NSW have started operating ski lifts since Monday, while Paris and Victoria’s Mount Hotham and Falls Creek will start lifts from Wednesday.

Ski resorts will be operated with reduced capacity and group skiing and snowboarding lessons are not permitted, and all accommodation and facilities in the ski areas will be screened and protected.

The late start of the ski season comes just days before the school holidays in Victoria and a few weeks before the NSW school holidays which is expected to boost tourism in the region.

Parish and Threadbow are predicting only surprising snowfall in the coming days, while Falls Creek, Mount Hotham and Mount Buller can expect slightly more powder than their NSW parts.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barreiro said in a statement on Monday that rapid COVID-19 testing would be available for those in the Snow Mountains region.

“The communities in the Snow Mountains and the major roads in and out of it depend on tourism dollars and I know they will appreciate the business brought by visitors to the area, but it is imperative that we consider COVID safe,” said Mr Barreiro.

“While our regional communities are ready to welcome you with open arms, the message is clear – if you are sick, check and don’t travel.”

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