Nioh 2 received update v1.14 ;; Complete set details of patch notes

Developer Tim Ninja went to Twitter to announce the latest update to hit their critically acclaimed title – Neo 2.

The title update as patch v1.14 brings a number of adjustments and bug fixes. If you’ve been playing Neo 2 lately, you’ve probably moved into a bug here and there, and Team Ninja hopes to keep these experiences to a minimum.

The full set of patch notes includes bug fixes, extra content, balance adjustments to weapons and more. Thanks, the developers have released the whole set of patch notes, so you can check them out perfectly!

See the full set of patch notes below:

Extra content

  • Added image scrolls featuring enemies and bosses from “The Tengur Disciple”. These “monster scrolls” image scrolls can be achieved in the dream monster.

Balance adjustment

  • Adjusted tools thrown by enemies at Dream Monsters:
  • The presence of special effects has increased which is not present when using the temper feature in the blacksmith.
  • Maximum value has increased the minimum value for randomly assigned special effects to make it easier to display. (The maximum value itself has not been changed.)
  • Adjust the splitstaff skill, “Siso Strike” so that enemies can be hit more easily when activated after a second instantaneous attack from a high position.
  • The special effects available during the yokai shift are now activated while performing a jolt after a successful burst counter.
  • The special effect, “Delete Bullets and Arrows (Timely Guard)” is now able to reflect some other projectiles. (Removable attacks are the same as switchglive skills, “vortex blades,” and onmio magic skills, “ghost amulets.”)
  • Nectar and gold prizes from Beckenbauer and Nuppapo have declined.
  • The Tengu’s disciples have increased the rewards of nectar and gold from the Basas.

Bug fix

  • A problem has been solved where Splitstaff skills, if the “liquid form” is enabled, can not hit Splitstaff’s mid-stance quick attack properly.
  • Yokai with a spillstuff fixes a problem where the sneak thief is not activated when the snake attacks the enemy.
  • Active Skills “Dragon Fang,” “Dragon Claw,” fixes a problem where the shift animation will not be canceled and the player character will not be captured immediately, “” Dragon Horn, “or” Innocent. ” Barrage “was set.
  • Picture scroll fixes a problem found in missions where Kashin Kozi will not attack when a certain amount of his health is reduced within a short period of his expansion.
  • Picture Scroll fixes a problem found in missions where Kashin Koji will resurrect if defeated by Katakati.
  • A problem has been solved in some image scroll missions where prayers cannot be offered at shrines and if the player boss dies at the same time the picture scroll gauge will be empty after recovery.
  • A problem has been solved where players can play a scroll of daemon missions by following certain steps during an expedition that has not yet opened the dream.
  • Picture scroll fixes a problem with campaigns where it may become impossible to proceed if the host automatically time-outs while the mission selection screen is open.
  • Fixes a problem with picture scroll expeditions where a specific method is used but the daemon parade picture scroll mission was possible to start and it would be impossible to proceed even without the absence of picture scroll.
  • A problem has been solved in The Tengu’s disciple’s original mission, “A Song to the Storm”, where an application error occurred during a special event when three players were campaigning.
  • One problem has been solved in The Tengu’s disciple’s original mission, “A Song to a Quiet Storm”, where the boss will not have to worry again after Paul recovers if both the player and the boss die at the same time.
  • The main mission of The Tengu’s disciple is to fix an issue in the boss fight of “Eternal Rivals” where the boss will carry out endless rush attacks.
  • The Tengu’s disciples fix a problem in missions, “everlasting rivalry” and “Bond of the Blade”, where Odachi’s skill does not move the boss for a while after hitting the “bowling boar”.
  • The Tengu’s disciple decides on a theme in the sub-mission, “The Tale of the Thaira”, where the visitor will fail the mission if the host leaves the session first.
  • The mission fixes a campaign-related problem, “a tough bond”, where if you continue after failing in certain situations, the rich man’s chest disappears as part of the mission’s requirements and it becomes impossible to move forward.
  • A problem has been solved where the “rare inheritance (soul fusion)” of the common rarity soul cores excluded in the dream monster was a special bonus.
  • Yoshitsun’s Armor fixes a problem where the “equipment weight” was inappropriately high if equipment shik rarity was present.
  • The storehouse menu fixes a problem that will weaken if the number of items in the storehouse is high.
  • On the “Learn Skills” weapon selection screen, the judgment of how to move the left stick on each icon was adjusted.
  • A problem has been fixed where the information given to the blacksmiths from SmartTexts once before closing the game application will be lost if you start new games in versions 1.11 to 1.13. (Data from Smith texts will be restored after patch version 1.14 is applied))
  • Body marking settings in character creation fixes a problem that is sometimes reset.

In related news, Koi Tekmo recently released their latest DLC titled The Tengu Disciple for Nioh 2. Not only is Tengu’s disciple a great new DLCE for long-term players, it also brings a huge update. If you don’t want to learn about The Tengu’s Disciples, we at Gemerex have no qualms about reading here. Learn about the recently published DLC here!

Neoh 2 is now available for PS4. Are you playing an epic game? What do you think about the new update? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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