NFL Roger Goodell Says We Were Wrong, Calling Protesters to Protest

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league was wrong not to listen to the players and called for a peaceful protest of the United States over traditional racism in response to the death of George Floyd and for them to protest peacefully.

In a video posted on social media on Friday, the NFL appears to be trying to change the direction of a protest rally while walking during the national anthem led by Colin Kepnerik.

We, the NFL, condemn racism and systematic oppression of blacks. We, the NFL, acknowledge that we have misunderstood NFL players before and do not call on everyone to speak peacefully and protest. We, the NFL, believe in Black Lives Matter. #InspireChange

– NFL (FNFL) June 5, 2020

“We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of blacks. We in the National Football League have acknowledged that we have made a mistake in not listening to NFL players before and we urge everyone to speak calmly and protest. We in the National Football League believe that black people survive, ”Goodell said in the video.

The league also shared a video released Thursday night in which more than 15 NFL stars said they were protesting peacefully and asked the NFL to “allow mistakes” to plague its players.

Apparently, the league responded to the players’ request with a video on Friday.

“I have personally protested with you and I want to be part of the necessary change in this country. There would be no national football league without black players, and hundreds of protests across the country against silence, discrimination and harassment of black coaches, fans and staff, ”Goodell said.

“We listen, I listen and I appeal to voting players and others on how we can improve and move forward for a better and more connected NFL family.”

Copernicus sparked protests across the league throughout 2016 after he was beaten during a national anthem highlighting police brutality and racial discrimination. Kepnerik is no longer playing in the NFL this season and was named in a partnership lawsuit last year that he was blacklisted for protesting.

The NFL originally issued a statement five days after Floyd’s death, not to mention players’ protests and racism.

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