New twist this week, will power be introduced with BB22?

It may be time to watch the Big Brother All Star 2 cast game tremble. Peak Credit: CBS

But when the Big Brother All Star twists and powers are coming?

Show producer and host Julie Chen has already inspired BB22 Cast and CBS viewers that there will be plenty of twists and turns this summer, so it will be understandable to do something new this week.

During the premiere of the season, Julie further suggested that there are several new rooms that the guests of the house can learn later. We assume that the have-knot room and security suite was just the beginning.

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Enfo won the Palambo Challenge and was in its 3rd week when the Safety Suite Twist was finalized with protection for Christmas Abbott.

When will the next Big Brother All Stars Twists come out?

There are many General Piergina fans who hope that some secret power will be revealed on the night of the eviction that somehow saved her. It doesn’t look like production will interfere so much over the weekend.

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Most likely what seems to be an eviction event will be the crowning glory of a new head householder, and Julie BB will irritate the 22 actresses with what will happen next.

The way Julie is teasing the house guests, she will explain the power to the next Big Brother All Stars Twist or house viewers. This is where all the specific details were published.

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What is the next big brother All Stars Twist?

This is just a guess from us, but the manufacturers can go in several different directions. One popular way to distribute power in recent seasons has been through fan voting.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, and viewers are expected to vote on a new turn every week.

Some of the twists made in the past include secret powers such as nominated prayers and care packages that include the protection of selected houseguests.

Below are two videos of Big Brother 18 coming up with care packages:

Tyler Crispen and the BB20 cast were able to use the Big Brother app store, where the most trending houseguests got a secret power and the least trending houseguests were punished.

The BB20 also saw a hacker competition, where everyone took part individually in a challenge that would turn the winner into a hacker for a week. The hacker could then throw a wrench at the nominee.

Can BB All Star 2 have a third nominee?

Another way to really get things moving is to start having three nominees for eviction in 4 weeks. They can do this as a single or spend a few weeks with three people in a block.

The twists and powers have made Big Brother really interesting for a lot of fans after Dark, but it may not be this summer. The producers need to do something, though some fans are starting to call the current season boring and it could hit the ratings.

Don’t miss the new episode on August 27th, as it’s very possible that Julie is going to release something new on the BB22 cast.

Big Brother is broadcast on CBS on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 / 7c.

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