New display for Dell Ultrasharp 49 – 16 inch MacBook Pro

Dell Ultrasharp 49 is an unbalanced control indicator of any scale. At 49 inches wide and 4 feet wide it is huge at 4 feet wide!

However, I have wanted it since the first announcement. Today, I decided to press the key – but we’ll get there …

Ever since I tried the Bench EX3501R I have loved the idea of ​​a universal controller. It fell in many areas, especially the text was not as good as it was. It was a compromise, but it felt a bit of a hindrance when it came back to the 2-inch Apple Thunderbird display.

When it dies, things can’t get any worse and they can’t be financially correct. For a while, I’ve been using my 16-inch MacBook display as my caretaker and my 12.9-inch iceberg as a secondary in Sidecar.

I have to say it works great for working from hotel rooms like any travelup setup (bad code sert here). However, as a fulltime organizer in my home office he feels he is too busy.

I’ve been waiting so long for my perfect monitor, and nothing has happened yet. This is my favorite job, so if I have to buy something to confuse me for a while, or if it’s not perfect, be prepared to ignore mistakes enough.

I’ve considered the previous approach – one kind of temporary retention, possibly another Apple Thunderbird display – which I can recover a bit for the same price. But if you literally go without my full supervisor for three years, the second method seems more understandable, I get as much as I can now.

Most Dell Ultrasharp 49 samples are sufficient

The dock basically has two 27-inch Apple Thunderbird sides. It has the same 1440 vertical resolution but 5120 horizontal pixels.

At 60Hz, it’s not a game controller, but I’m not a player, so that’s right. I can try a flight sim in it, which should be enough. Response time is 8mm, with 5mm fast mode – again, the player isn’t happy, but that’s enough for me.

It is an IPS display that has a brightness of 350s and 1000 1: 1 contrast. The color gamut is 99% SRGB, so you can see the photo and video package now, but my photo editing is 99.99% for screen viewing, not for printing, which is good for me.

Both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178-degrees. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. – All modern monitors are high enough to avoid problems in this case.

The backlight is WLED, and it has anti-glare coverage.

There are no speakers, which can be a problem for anyone but I use the flat panel speaker as a flat computer speaker, so I have no problem.

There is a single USB USB-C connection which includes a 90 W power supply

However, there are some terms

I was looking for an Apple-based anesthetic. They don’t have it but most of what they see is full screen and I never want to look behind them (my desk is on the wall), it’s no big deal.

I want 4K it’s not very good, but the solution should work well for my purposes – the main thing is to have three large windows as well

The display has a soft curve (3800 r). Ideally, I like it even better – I really like the very strong 1800 R benchmark. In terms of the size of the controller, I at least think I’m moving from side to side in the chair, which seems great to me. We’ll see.

Ideally, I would like to have at least one USB-C port. Not one, but it has four USB 3.0 ports, so that’s enough.

It’s expensive, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable

At launch, the US price was $ 1,699.99. Dell has now dropped it to $ 1,439.99. It is now priced at £ 1,158 (£ 1,432) as VAT in the UK. (Sell tax) before 19 equals 1,196.

But until Apple’s breakup, Apple’s 9 9 billion ADDA is still ongoing. 27. When you think it starts selling and you still pay around 500 500 to get a small mining situation, it saves value.

Of course, there are cheaper monitors – but money is still spent for size and quality. There aren’t too many 49-inch controls, and once you start comparing the details, Dell seems to be the best value for money. For example, Samsung provides the CJ890 but the resolution is only ‘only’ 3840 × 1080.

For those who find it, it is expensive but reasonable.

My Delhi Ultrasharp 49 guess

Of course this is still the whole idea. I was hoping to get one for review, so I tried before buying it, but I decided to shoot the bullet because it takes forever.

Four feet wide, the Dell Ultrasharp 49 originally landed 5.5 feet wide – a MacBook Air Stand and enough space on both sides. I hope it could be something more than a table.

My workday is usually one of two browser windows (one for WordPress, the other for source content) and one for Slack Chat. My thinking is that I can talk in the middle of the WordPress window, the second browser left and right. It’s a different setup as far as I’m used to, but the downside is I’m looking for my main window in the middle.

I would expect this to be my perfect dream for video editing! When the lock freezes, it probably kicks me in for a video project in my mind.

In fact, I’ll write a first impression piece as soon as it arrives next week and make a final decision on whether or not to put it once again.

What is your opinion? Crazy size, or dream show? Please share feedback.

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