New COVID-19 plan must focus on ‘snake and ladder’ ban: David Cullen

Sinvi Finn’s health spokesman said the government’s new plan should avoid the “snake and ladder” approach against the CON-19 ban.

The most important thing is that there is no confusion and people can “clearly understand” what is expected of them, says David Culinen.

The Cabinet sub-committee will discuss the government’s new medium-term ‘COVID-19’ before the final details of Living’s plan are released tomorrow.

As well as continued restrictions on social gatherings, Plan expected Incorporate a new warning system that will introduce local lockdowns or restrictions based on the level of infection in a particular county or region.

Deputy Culinen told Newstallt breakfast that he would like to see the full details of the plan – but it is important to make it easy to understand.

New COVID-19 plan must avoid ‘snake and ladder’ restrictions: Cullen

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He said: “The most important thing is transparency: that we fully understand that at any given time a county, city or region will be at any stage.

“It’s important that we keep it very simple: we keep the message very simple and people clearly understand what is expected of them.

“All we have to do is hope that people will survive the virus. I support opening pubs in a safe way … I support opening stadiums. Young people need social outlets – we all do “”

‘Let’s keep the message simple’

“If we live with the virus for a year or more until we get a vaccine, people still have to live and they have access to social outlets,” he said.

He observed: “It must be emphasized by the public health guidelines. We need to keep our people safe. But my fear is the more we complicate it, then you start losing people. Let’s keep the message simple.

“All we need to do is move the coun counties upwards, avoiding the sight of a kind of snake and ladder in these different steps, but there’s no reason, because they don’t understand why they’re in level two or three.

“We’ve finally seen where people get confused. I think it goes against the grain of what people expect.”

In the case of spectator sports, he said the number should be kept low as full stadiums would not be doable.

He suggested that a large stadium like Croke Park should allow a crowd of about 50,000 – although pressure was needed to know what the safe number would be.

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