Netflix, freeform, Amazon Prime and other networks respond to “unnecessary gay character” SpongeBob SquarePants Meme

Last week, Twitter user AdamSB__ shared a Spongebob Meme on Twitter that joked fun at Netflix’s habit of always having gay characters in their productions.

The meme went viral with over 37,000 retweets and 144,000 likes at this time. It showed Patrick putting a pumpkin in SpongeBob’s mouth. Patrick was labeled Netflix, the pumpkin was labeled “an unnecessary gay character,” and SpongeBob was labeled “any new series.”

Every damn new series

– ADAM (@AdamSB___) May 5, 2020

The meme went so viral that a number of corporate Twitter accounts including Netflix responded to the meme.

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Netflix’s account responded by writing, “Sorry you haven’t realized yet that any gay person is much needed.”

regret that you are not yet aware that any gay person is very much needed

– Netflix (@netflix) May 6, 2020

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The snarky response from Netflix would also go viral and at the same time give the meme even more attention than it probably would have received.

Netflix wouldn’t be the only ones responding. Following in their footsteps, Disney’s Freeform account would also respond.

Freeform’s account was posted, “Woooow. Crazy statements like this are why gay characters are all too necessary. Keep it up, Netflix. “

Woooow. Crazy statements like this are why gay characters are all too necessary. Keep it up, @netflix. ❤️ ❤️

– Freeform (@FreeformTV) May 7, 2020

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Amazon’s Prime Video would respond as well. They simply sent a SpongeBob gif with SpongeBob making a rainbow with his hands.

– Prime Video (@PrimeVideo) May 6, 2020

Netflix France would also think of simply answering “Oui.”


– Netflix France (@NetflixFR) May 7, 2020

Logo TV shared a moaning gif.

– Logo ️‍ (@LogoTV) May 6, 2020

Out Magazine replied, “Say it again !!!”

Say it again!!!

– Out Magazine (@outmagazine) May 7, 2020

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The official Twitter account for The Walking Dead responded with a simple Negan laugh gif.

– The Walking Dead (@TheWalkingDead) May 6, 2020

Others pushed back with different views.

Bullshit, every character (gay, bisex, trans I don’t care) is needed when they have a good and solid story behind. Not just to say “we have gay characters”.

– Francesco Di Maria (@ChiccoDiMaria) May 6, 2020

– Charles en lutte des classes (@CamaradeCharles) May 7, 2020

Of course! If that is actually important and add to the story. Not just a checkbox for your diversity on your table.

– Mechmanjj (@mechmanjj) May 7, 2020

Lmao LGBT think they are oppressed, yet they are the only company pandering to them.

– Now Stanning Shiny Magikarp (@ seaking4steel) May 7, 2020

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When Netflix misses the whole point of the meme …….

– ✨ Katy ✨ (@plattypie) May 7, 2020

Seriously? It’s like any program: “YOU GAY IN THE 15TH CENTURY YOU KNOW. THERE WERE ALSO GAY PIRATES, HERE ARE TWO CHYS. There were also gays parties, so here are gays attending. “

– Don Vito Andolini (@ggranello) May 6, 2020

This is not the first time an official Netflix account decided to take a shot at someone on Twitter.

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Last year, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson was instrumental in directing Netflix’s Unicorn Store. One user commented that the trailer did not look enticing. They also commented on how Larson should have taken notes from Jonah Hill and studied instruction more.

Lol this looks like bleh. Take notes from Jonah Hill, who was mentored by Martin Scorsese, and took years before making his debut as an instructor of respect for the film’s art and director position. Looks like she’s just riding on Captain Marvel’s wave.

– Joe Gil (@TheJoeGil) March 22, 2019

The official movie account for Netflix came to Larson’s defense by listing her performance.

Brie Larson has:
58 working credits
53 assignment numbers
2 written points
2 credits for short film registration
1 compose credit
1 produces credit
1 Oscar
1 feature that directs credit
Has worked since 1998
Worked with Apatow, Baumbach, Wright, Boden, Fleck, Abrahamson and more.

– NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) March 22, 2019

And of course Larson cheered them on.


– Brie Larson (@brielarson) March 28, 2019

Representation in the entertainment industry has been a hot topic of debate in recent years. Every year, organizations like GLAAD require more and more non-equal characters to be represented in entertainment productions, though their representation is well above their proportional population.

What do you think of Netflix’s need to comment on a meme and the entry of other streaming giants?

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