Nene Lex will not return to Atlanta Real Housewives for 13 seasons

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Neni Lex has confirmed his departure for the long-running series. Peak Credit: @Ninelix / Instagram

Nene Leaks bids farewell to Atlanta Real Housewives. He announced his departure today through his YouTube channel.

The self-proclaimed “HBIC” Nenny Lex was among the main cast of Atlanta Real Housewives when it premiered in 2006.

The 52-year-old reality star will not return to RHO’s upcoming 13th season, as they are currently filming remotely.

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“Thank you to all of you who have shown me so much love and support lately. I feel you, I hear you. I’ve come to an extremely, extremely, long, tedious, tedious, sensitive discussion. There is a lot of emotion on both sides, ”he said in the video.

“It was tough, and I made a very complicated and difficult decision not to be part of the 13th Real Housewives of the Atlanta season.”

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The star added, “It was tough. I started at Real Housewives in Atlanta in 2006. We started the journey like a rocket. I mean, we opened it. You never told me I would start this little show and it would get stronger even after 13, 14 years. And it is done. I’m so glad I can say that I was part of a genre that opened the door for a reality show in black clothing and to be a part of what we all love so much now, reality TV. “

Lex thanked fans, Bravo, the actor and his team for supporting him for several years, even publishing a statement in his favor for the purpose of any misreporting of his team. “I had no knowledge of it and I don’t even approve of it,” Lex said.

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He ended his video with the promise, “I’ll see you again. Real soon.”

Rumor has it the departure of RHOA star Nanny Leaks

Rumors have been circulating all summer about whether Nanny Leaks will return to Real Housewives next season.

His manager, Steven Grossman, told the public on June 16 that he was still in talks to return to the 13th season.

“It simply came to our notice then that Nenek had been fired from the RHOA. Furthermore, it was made clear earlier that he would always be welcome in the series as long as he wanted to come. “

Lex imagined the speculation after the celebrity site captured the posts and deleted a tweet saying “you won’t go away with this promise”.

A close friend of Lex’s, TV host Wendy Williams, came back to the headlines in January when she claimed on her talk show that Lex was leaving RHO. Lex denies this but admits there is still controversy over whether he will return.

Akes left the long-running Bravo series after Se Tu After to concentrate on his television roles and stand out on the comedy tour.

Season 12, with his actors and a three-part virtual reunion, had a lot of turmoil with the Leaks. He got into a fierce fight with Eva Marcel and Candy Buras and even left with his laptop turned off, never coming back to solve any problems.

RHOA casts exits and additions

Nini Leaks is not the only housewife to announce her departure from Atlanta Real Housewives.

Former actress Eva Marseille, 35, announced on June 16 that she is coming out of the series after three seasons.

He said in a statement on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, “I appreciate the strong personal friendship that I have with my actress and Bravo’s numerous executives and producers.”

“I am just happy to be here. However, after talking to my family and delegates, I believe that what I hope to achieve for the culture and community will be better served by focusing on other opportunities. “

Several newcomers to the show will replace Leek and Marcel. Actress Drew Sidora, best known for her roles in TLC biopics, Crazy Cool and T-Boaz in The Game, will be appearing in the new season.

Many fans have revealed that they will not watch Nenny Lex unless they are part of the cast. Do you think the series will continue to be successful without one of its main stars?

Real Housewives Season 13 returns to Bravo in 2021.

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