Neil Jess’s Rue ready for opening day amid team uncertainty

TORONTO – You can rest the whole part of the reconstruction on his wide shoulders. You can interrupt his famous fine and structured spring training preparations and run him for three and a half months at Russell Martin’s house. In the regular season he can leave to guess where he will start visiting his home. But you can’t really spread Hyun-jin Ryu.

As it turns out, the Toronto Blue Joyce Starter hurriedly wrapped up training camp on Saturday and focused on his next start – against his team’s regular season opener Tampa Bay Rays on Friday. He’s in line to pitch the Blue Joyce home opener, plus it’s not like no one knows where that game will take place. And not that Ryu seems to be absolutely concerned about it.

“Of course, you sit at home and play half of the season. So, over time, you must develop some level of comfort, “Ryu said.” But, to be honest, now the situation itself, as a player, we just have to deal with it. And one of our tasks is to adapt to a new kind of situation. .

And it’s not just baseball. Ryu and his then-pregnant wife, Jeet-Hyun Bay, were forced to change their birth plans at the last minute due to the epidemic, and were able to give birth to a daughter in Florida instead of Toronto, as planned. Or that he parted ways after the Blue Joyce training camp moved to Toronto two weeks ago. They currently have no idea where anyone is going when Neil Jess packs up their first road trip of the week from Tuesday.

After signing a four-year, 80 80 million deal with Blue Jays this winter, Riordan’s transfer from one company to another has been as challenging as one might imagine. And all he has to do is adapt his routine to fly, make the most of the situation he has, and do whatever he can to prepare his team, not just himself, for the season.

He stretched as much as he could during the shutdown, played long toss on the neighborhood street and kept his hands ready to resume play. He showed this short training camp with a detailed plan of how the Toronto opener could come and stand himself under the pressure of the whole job. The other day, after discussing their friendship with a Korean barbecue with some teammates, Ryu bought a spread of it for the whole team.

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“He was great here. The boys love him, ”said Blue Joyce pitching coach Pete Walker. “He used his experience and helped some little boys. I heard some conversations with them. They are not afraid to pick his brain even with language barriers – which is great. “

On Saturday, Rue retired to just seven pitches after passing his first inning. His second, however, opened with a Travis Shaw single followed by a bullpage on Anthony Alford’s Homer right field. The fourth was another run when Billy McKinney returned home from the third, while Shaw was hung up in an attempt to steal between the first and second. And the fourth of the fourth run when Patrick Kivlehan led off a rocket pull off the third deck.

Ryer’s day ended with a fifth with four runs in seven defeats. He threw 70 pitches and hit four. He liked his order to be better. But he didn’t like that he missed a lot, because he didn’t walk.

“I think it’s all part of the process. My heater, I put several of them on most plates. And my cutter and change, the same kind, “he said.” But I have to work with the command. I think I put a few pitches too much on the plate. Which resulted in a hard hit. “

It must be, but if you arrange it, it is a rew to arrange it for any of the majors. In 2010, his average exit speed (85.3 miles per hour) was the 15th lowest among 436 MLB pitchers against whom he had placed at least 100 balls. It was the sixth-lowest by 1988 which allowed at least 200. This is not the man who is often the square.

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Of course, this isn’t even someone who likes to vigorously promote his routines since all Blue J currently has them. Ryu has a personal throwing program that he has built on top of his career and a personal strength trainer who manages his conditioner in outings. His clubhouse playlist has a fine pre-preparation period – a specific song for everything from putting on a uniform to moving on to a bullpen.

But nothing about this season is routine. Not the length, not the preparation time, not even the uncertainty about where he will play. It will test her like no other season before. And it’s no exaggeration to say that his team’s chances are that every five days, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece, piece by piece. Rui is not the only one who is not comfortable with Minikar.

“I don’t think it’s important to distinguish between an ace or a fifth person in an initial rotation. I think our job is to make sure we get out there and perform at our best. That’s how I go about playing baseball,” he said. “I never thought of workers being ace or workers not being ace in the past. But trying to go further pitch the games and put the team in a position where we can win. I think I will go to the tute in the same season.

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It remains to be seen how much of an impact his influence will have – if any – on all the uncertainties and abnormalities in his life. We will start learning it from Friday. However, he said that after being out on Saturday he feels he needs to be physically able to pitch deeper to his first start when his team needs him.

“Of course, the conditions were not the same. But I think other players will feel the same way, ”he said. “This summer’s training was weird, to say the least. Because it wasn’t what we used to be. But I threw 70 pitches today and I felt exactly how much I would feel in spring training with a lot of pitches. So, I think I’m ready to go. “

Ryu further said that he usually can’t reach a shorter season than that. This means that if there is no real need for bullpen, they will continue to go through the beginning. In the past, Ryu usually preferred to spend that time physically recovering and mentally concentrating on how to attack his next opponent. The less deviation, the better.

And maybe it’s Rior’s privacy. He probably revolves around great uncertainty so maybe he composed. There is pressure. There are expectations. There are situations that were anything but ideal. But listening to him, there is only one way forward.

“Nothing is certain. So, depending on how it goes, we just have to adapt, “he said.” You can say this season is short; you can say this season is long. It’s 60 games. We just have to get around. And we just have to be new. We have to adapt to the environment and make sure we play Blue Joyce baseball. “

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