/Neighboring star Lucida Cowden talks about Melania Pearson’s return

Neighboring star Lucida Cowden talks about Melania Pearson’s return

Lucida Cowden is returning to the neighborhood in the role of neighbor Melania Pearson after a brief scene in 2005 after 30 years, and it seems fun to look like her.

Bringing back her infamous smile with him, Melania will first appear on the scene with Des Clark and Jane Harris (Paul Kane and Annie Jones), but she expects to see more from him as she appears in full in 2021.

Talked to Lucinder RadioTimes.com What can we expect about her return and from Melanie when we slotted into her previous home.

“It didn’t have any brains at all because, now my other work has just disappeared because of Kavid,” Lucida said of queuing up for the return of the stars. “Because the neighbors and Fremantle were super (gripping) getting a quid protection plan in place, it came just in time.

Returning to the iconic character was even more fun which Lucida also imagined it could be. “I didn’t realize it was going to be so much fun, but it was really well written and the writers really caught up with him. As soon as I read it I heard him which is a pleasurable thing as an actor because I don’t know how he’s talking. I remember if they did a great job and realized it and it was clear how to play it.He is such a lovely perfect person, he is the most free-spirited and happy of all the characters I have played over the years It’s beautiful. “

For fans of the character, Lucinda thinks we’ll instantly recognize her as Melania, which we all know and like – although she’s dialed her personality in the intervening years, according to the actress, she’s “Hasan” hasn’t changed at all.

Anyone he will share lots of scenes with is Ryan Maloney who joined the show as Todfish Rebecchi four years after Lucida left. The pair said, “Melania lied about her age and took an old photo, before they go on a Tinder date.” They got really good, but they decided it wasn’t really romantic and they’re more friends, they both have a sense of humor. , They don’t take themselves very seriously and they have a lot of fun. “

Except for a date, Melanie’s scenes with Toddy will be very reminiscent of how we saw her when she was on the show. “She’s doing some work for Toddy as her PA and we all know what exceptional personal assistant Melania Paul Robinson was “It’s funny. He sticks his nose in all sorts of things that shouldn’t stick to his nose in the true Melania style. It’s a lot of fun and he’s just trying to help Melania in fashion.”

One of the residents of Erinborough who is not thrilled to see Melania is Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), although Melania is happy to see him when the two of them face each other. “He just treats her like a little brother and does what he can to embarrass her. She’s really happy to see him, but he’s a person who is very familiar with everyone and I think it has cringed Paul.

“And they have a history, they came back one night for the day and he ruined his marriage. He just thinks, ‘Oh no, not that woman again’. I’ve encountered quite a few scenes with Stefan so far, but I really enjoyed them.

“I’m coming back to what I know, I think I’m a little bit inside at the moment. It’s so beautiful and I’ve been so flattered that people hold me in their hearts – it’s a really positive recognition for me after a long time. “

Whether she will return for the full time, Lucida is optimistic and interested. “We’ll see, my fingers and toes have crossed what I can tell you. It has also been a delightful return from this edge. ”

Lucida also recalls many funny memories from her keynote address about Neighbors: “I remember scenes with people like Ian Smith, I taught him to teach Melania to sing and it was Gilbert and Sullivan and he was just crying in agony like a dog. And I took tap dancing. I ruined all the things in Paul’s wedding where I got on the boat, well.

“A friend of mine, he’s still one of the best friends in the world, Anthony Fletcher, and he played a guy named Reverend Richards. We’ve met neighbors and we’ve had some really funny scenes. There was a karaoke and there was one we were drive-in. Went for something that was hilarious and all the respect was going to try and kiss Melanie. I have great memories of a lot of great older actors who were so generous with younger actors. And crews like Jan Rush, what a legend, he was a neighbor. “

Fun and games passed her by when the promo took a mysterious woman back to the camera behind her to see if Lucida was keeping a close eye on the speculative game. “No, I didn’t pay attention because I didn’t know it was happening. I don’t get frustrated with social media, I’m too old for all this. “

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