Neighboring star Benny Tarland has revealed the story of 2021 Hendrix

That’s all change for Hendrix Grayson (Benny Tarland), a neighbor who has to live at No. 27 without his father, without money, and with the Kennedy family.

And it seems to him, as Hendrix, sees him face some serious problems, and it seems that his friendship with Jay Rebachir (Druv Malje) could lead to a particularly dangerous situation from which he can never return.

Talked to Benny It’s about what’s coming for Hendrix in 2021 – and it sounds like he’s not going to start the best of the year.

“Not good at all,” Benny said of how Hendrix adapted to all the changes in his life. “I think it’s changed a lot at once and I guess if you go deeper, it feels like guessing again when it comes to his dad.”

Her father did not reunite with Nicole Stone (Charlotte Chimes) and Hendrix has already had several run-ins with her. However, it looks like the two of them could have a new dynamic in their path. “Surprisingly, I think they’ve found some common ground – for Hendrix, his father looking forward to his life and to Nicolette, to deal with the breakdown of Pierce’s relationship with Dipi.” For the two of them looking for the id again he knew about the matter and being blamed, I think unfairly by the way by Chloe. “

This year, we see Hendrix and Jay getting caught up in the world of gambling and trying to count the cards – see why Jones (Barry Conrad) ran and endangered himself as a result. “He delves deeper and doesn’t see the maturity that this is not a good situation and I guess no direction even though it came later, “Benny said of the situation and added that” he falls into the thrill of winning and then is really dangerous for the teenager or anyone else. There is an element of living on the edge. “

Benny teases what will happen next in 2021 as he sees Hendrix and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donvan) go their separate ways. “Well, Paul certainly doesn’t help in this situation – he’s always on his side. There’s definitely a connection between Harlow and Hendrix, but I think the situation has definitely tested the relationship – you’ll see them go in different directions for a while but hopefully they’ll come back again at some point. “

“Let’s just say there’s someone new in the scene who’s getting Horlo’s attention and Hendrix isn’t happy and he’s involved with the Carl and Susan story right now.”

He added, unfortunately, “A near-tragic situation is coming which I will not give up, but it is certainly the catalyst for a change of path. It is quite fatal.” So it looks like it will be another busy year for Hendrix then!

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