Neighbor Camos | Famous faces starring guests like themselves

In 1975, Australian soap neighbors, including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donvan, Guy Pierce and Margot Robbie, launched a number of careers.

In addition to making them, a number of established celebrities have also gone through the sunny suburbs of Erinborough over the years.

Here’s a list of the top camouflage of celebrities who started playing themselves, after being able to play Ramsay Street for a variety of random reasons.

Russell Brand (2020)

The British actor / comedian / activist was on a down-under tour in the spring of 2020 and he shot a hidden cameo, so he joined the Arinsbaro Writers Festival and started a conversation with the legendary Toddy Rebecchi, whom he gave some advice to. The words of Jarrod, an intelligent, high-flying lawyer and family man of brand knowledge, show how much has actually come down from the horrors of entertainment …

Courtney Act (2020)

Rupel’s drag race appeared at the favorite Mardi Gras Bash in Irinborough, then returned to the extended position as MC at the Laciters Pride event a few months later. We find both the whole Courtney and her real personality in make-up, Shane Zenek, in a plot that saw her teenage Mackenzie Hargreaves reunite with her fanatical father and teach Paul Robinson one or two things about LGBTQI + awareness.

Jack Shears (2020)

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Mardi Gras brings the willing Scythian Sisters Frontman down and faces an embarrassing fight with one of the locals: Aaron Brennan claims that their paths traversed his outdoor dance days and greets him like an old friend, but Jake remembers meeting him. Struggled to keep up. Awkward.

Hanson (2019)

Boy brand bands from the 1990s were a work in progress for the Erensborough Music Festival and performed an irresistible performance on the iconic Harold’s cafe set. Isaac, Jack and Taylor were honored to ask for the feature. And who wouldn’t?

Jess Glynn (2019)

Sharing the bill with Hanson at the aforementioned Erensborough Music Festival was the UK’s flame-haired pop princess, who, along with Paul Robinson, described fulfilling a long-held dream. “I really got a bucket list moment!” Says the musical megastar.

Janet Street-Porter (2019)

Loose Woman panelists and broadcasters flocked to the watering hole to order a drink, and businesswoman Teres Willis became her fan, and the pair reunited, reuniting Street-Porter and Colette Mann aka Shila Canning in the 1980s when the Brits Was in Australia. Jan Meshwali later admitted that he couldn’t remember her name at first – let’s hope she didn’t call him “Sheila”.

Pala Abdul (2014)

Abdul, a musician, choreographer, talent show judge and former cheerleader, had some showbiz glamor in Leicesters when he checked in as a hotel guest. It was only when Carl Kennedy’s day was over that he confessed that he was too fickle with her. The dirty dog ​​tells all the pop stars (see also Lily Allen) and all the girls in general (see also Easy Holland, Sarah Beaumont, Olivia Bell …)

Dave Bautista (2009)

The Galaxy Batista Future Guardian landed on Ramsay Street on an Australian promotional tour in its WWE days, sharing the screen with Todd Rebecchi and his adopted son Kalum Baker. Did the experience of his neighbors set the turning point that left him behind in acting and forced him to become part of the powerful Marvel movie franchise?

Lily Allen (2009)

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UN Popstrol Lil was interviewed by Wanabe-DJ JK Kensky on a local radio station, and met with super fan Carl Kennedy who was able to broadcast the chat live. He also sang some tunes after the episode.

Emma Bunton (200))

Dr. Carl and Susan Kennedy came on a trip to London a few years ago, they stopped no one but Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Carl had no idea who she was, but Susan described herself as a fan of Baby Spice – especially her successful speech in Strictly Less Dancing.

Julian Cleary (2007-2007)

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During the same trip to the UK capital, the comedian (and another former tough competitor) was cropped, lost, heavily pregnant by Izzy Hoyland, a street commander who begged to borrow his phone to call for help. “If you want to call the hairdresser, it’s too late!” He fell silent.

The Senate (2007-2007)

There was a busy vacation in London for Kennedy, who felt like jumping into every corner with the famous British look, including Simon Cowell’s music magic senita who witnessed Carl’s last moments and Susan’s second marriage on the Themes boat.

Shane Warne (200)

Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne Boyd has signed the Dutch bat and posed for pictures while touring the Harold coffee shop. A few regular players made fun of the raffle hairdo. Of course, in the 1980s, did they all forget the hair crime painted by their neighbors in Milet-Testic ?!

Clive James (1996)

In late 1996, Aussie Broadcaster switched chats for a post round at Kneppers. Yes, indeed – he played himself but chose to play a postman. Screenwriter Helen McWhitter said of her performance, “Clive is such a hero. Although from what I can remember, I think for his character I wrote a lot more than what was finally displayed on the screen, so I would like to say that some of Clive’s best work ended up on the floor of the cut room. He didn’t do too badly – although I don’t think he would hear the word ‘and the Oscars anytime in the near future.’ Harsh.

Pet Shop Boys to Chris Lowe (1995)

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It was just a quiet day on Ramsay Street, until a white sports car roared and none other than pet shop boy Chris Low asked Helen Daniel and Marilyn Kratz for directions. “I’m looking for a recording studio here, it’s almost somewhere,” explains the Grampy pop giant.

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