NBA reveals schedule for Seeding Games, Raptors to face Lakers first

The NBA released the full schedule of its Ritter-to-Play plan for the Seeding Games on Friday, and when the league returns from its Cavid-19-induced break, the Toronto Raptors’ first opponent will be August Los Angeles Lay Cors 1.

After facing the Lakers, the schedule for the remaining seven Seed Games in Toronto will be published as follows:

Game 2: Miami hits, August 3rd

• Game 3: Orlando Magic, August 5th

Game 4: Boston Celtics, 7 August

Game 5: Memphis Grizzlies, August 9

• Game 6: Milwaukee Box, August 10

• Game 7: Philadelphia 76 years, August 12

8 Game 8: Denver Nuggets, 14 August

The NBA today released the full game schedule and national television schedule for TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV for the “Seeding Games” with a view to stopping the resumption of the 2019-20 season. #WholeNewGame

– NBA (@NBA) June 26, 2020

The NBA plans to return to action on July 30 after being forced to suspend its March 11, 2012-2017 campaign due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

To begin with, under this format, the 22 participating teams are the eight teams in each conference and the highest winning percentage in the current conference and the six teams that are currently in the eighth seed six games in the two conferences.

After the Seed Games are over, the seven teams from each conference with the highest combined winning percentage across the Regular Teams Games and Seeding Games will be the first through the seventh seed of that conference playoff.

If the team with the eighth best combined winning percentage in a conference is four games ahead of the team with the ninth-best combined winning percentage in the same conference, the team with the eighth best winning percentage will advance to the playoffs in each conference. A play-in tournament will determine the final seed if the ninth-ranked team continues to play four games or less.

Opponents of the previous conference are in #PookNews

– NBA (@NBA) June 26, 2020

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