NBA Play Offs 2020 | The LA Lakers advanced to the next round after a 4-1 series win over the Portland Trail Blazers.

CJ McCallum recorded 3 36 points and seven assists and added 2 points for Carmelo Anthony Trail Blazer, who was without Damien Lillard. The five-time All-Star returned to Portland to examine his sprained right knee. Lillard suffered four injuries in Monday’s game.

Portland won the final four games of the Los Angeles series after losing one game.

Cantavias Caldwell-Pope added 14 points and Dwight Howard has 11 points for the Lakers. Los Angeles shot 5.5.5 percent off the field, including 14 of the 3 of the three-point range.

Joseph Nurkic registered 1 point, 10 rebounds and five steels, Gary Trent Jr. also got 1 point and Affarni Simons 13 for Portland. Trail Blazers fired 47.3 percent from the field and 13 of the 27 from behind the sind.

Portland entered the fourth quarter 100-92 before scoring the first eight points and tied Simmons for three points with 9:46 remaining.

With Trent’s three-pointer remaining at 6:52, the score regained to 109. However, Calwell-Pope answered with a three-pointer 17 seconds later, and Davis made a 20-footer, playing 111-109 at 11:11.

Trent added another three-pointer to pull Portland between the two before Davis scored the next nine points, making it 123-112 with 3:39 left, including a back-to-back dance. James added a basket 38 seconds later to end the decision 11-0.

Weak Dwight Howard C Credit: Getty Images

Earlier, Caldwell-Pope had scored two three-pointers and James had a 13-0 lead that saw the Lakers open the 90-76 lead in the third quarter: 19: 199 left. Los Angeles has entered the final level of 100-92.

The Lakers won the toss and elected to bat. James had 24 points for Los Angeles and McCullum scored 21 for Trail Blazer.

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