Navy Lt. Hartlake murdered by his wife Pamela Hartley: 48 hours on ID: NCIS investigation

Lee and Pamela Hartley weren’t married for a year when Pamela decided to poison him. Peak Credit: CBS News

48 hours on ID: NCIS mysteriously fell ill while traveling on the USS Forest in the Mediterranean, in the case of Navy Lt. Hartley. An autopsy revealed that he had been poisoned.

A murder case was launched, centering on 6,000 potential suspects in Forrestal; However, after a laborious investigation, it was discovered that the culprit was very close to home. It was his young wife Pamela Hartley.

In 1982, Navy Lieutenant Lee Hartley was a career sailor who served 19 years and was a disciplinary officer on board an aircraft carrier when he began complaining of abdominal pain and diarrhea about a month after his deployment.

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She lost weight dramatically and her skin turned gray. The ship’s doctors began treating him for gastrointestinal problems, but they were shocked as his condition worsened.

A few months later he was taken to a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, and his newlywed wife, Pamela, rushed him to his bed. He endured three more months of chronic ill health before he died of a major organ failure.

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Lee Hartley’s system had 1,000 common doses of poison

When an autopsy was performed, doctors finally found out why he was so sick. He was poisoned with arsenic. His body was 1000 times the normal level.

His wife Pamela became a suspect almost immediately. The annoyed housewife who had already expressed dissatisfaction with her marriage had a purpose and a way to poison her husband. However, after he passed the polygraph test, investigators turned his attention to Hartley’s fellow sailors.

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Unfortunately, investigators were unable to crack the case at the moment and it has been cold for 13 years. Then in 1995, the NCIS reopened the case and began investigating Pamela again. Pamela’s brother confessed to the officers that he had asked to kill Hartley in exchange for insurance money.

When investigators reached out to Pamela, they discovered that she had been struggling to get through the intervening years and was suffering from substance abuse. In an interview, they slammed him hard and brought murder charges against him, he has protested and admitted to the incident.

She said she was stingy in marriage but did not want to give the Navy the dignity of being a wife, so she resorted to murder. She started poisoning her husband’s rats and even treated him in a way that included the poison during his deployment. He even poisoned her while she was in a Florida hospital.

In 1996, Pamela Hartley pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison but was sentenced to only 116 years. He is now on parole.

More than 48 hours on ID: NCIS

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Last week the show introduced two Navy-dependent murders, including 10-year-old Tammy Welch being raped and killed by a neighbor while his father was deployed at sea. And Ricky Wiltroot, the son of a Navy man, got drunk with so-called friends when he was shot in the head.

Naval officer Corey Allen Voss was brutally shot at a gas station while sending an employee from his wife. It was later rumored that Voss’s wife, Catherine, and her boyfriend, Michael Dravon, had orchestrated the killings in hopes of collecting life insurance policies.

48 hours in ID: NCIS is broadcast at 8 / 7c for investigation discovery.

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