Natalie Negro regrets voting for Paul Abrahamian over Nicole Franzel

Natalie Negroti Big Brother 18’s Popular Housewife Pic Peak Credit: CBS

Big Brother 18 cast member Natalie Negroti voted for Nicole Franzel to win Paul Abrahamian if she had to finish everything again.

Posting on Twitter, Natalie took the time to address her vote on the Final Night which helped Nicole win the 500 500,000 prize over Paul.

Many Big Brother fans have long believed that the BB18 jury voted more against Paul than Nicole, and he probably confirmed these speculations.

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Natalie is focusing on what’s going on with the Big Brother All-Star cast, where Nicole Janel can’t stop talking about Piergina.

Nicole also has plans with Daniel Donato to evict every woman in the first five evictions.

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As for Natalie, she is sixth in the Big Brother 2016 season after Victor Arroyo nominated her for eviction.

Natalie posted about her older brother 18 votes

Natalie posted on Twitter, “Now I see why the PPL was so upset I didn’t vote for Paul,” “What was being said behind my back I didn’t understand the whole season if I had known I voted separately. Paul told me the word B before I was ousted, so I disrespect that vote. “

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Following the first, Natalie wrote in the second secondary post, “This is also very old news and I have no problem with Paul now. I wish him well now that I have reached out a few times to make sure he is doing quite well. Hate is just picking.” [sic] The way people voted for the way I voted is because of the facts. “

Paul Abrahamian was one of the people who responded quickly to Natalie. He said, “Wait did you vote for me?”

“Lol yes! I told you in the HOH room you got my final two votes. Ur Patti’s face got you in trouble,” Natalie responded in another message.

Natalie Negroti and Paul Abrahamian starred together in Big Brother 18 Pic Credit: @Natali Negroti / Twitter

Nicole Franzel’s older brother won 18 in one vote

The BB18 jury voted Nicole 5-4 as the winner of the Big Brother 18. Natalie Negrote, D’Von Rogers, Zakia Everett, Paulie Calafio and Corey Brooks voted Nicole.

James Hulling, Bridget Dunning, Michelle Mayer and Victor Arroyo, on the other hand, voted for Paul.

If these results are transferred, it could also mean that Paul will not return to play in the BB19 and Nicole was probably not invited to play in the Big Brother All Stars. Lots of speed can change.

Speaking of Nicole, she’s working hard to try to be the first two-time winner in Big Brothers American history against the BB All-Stars 2 actor.

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