/Mushkirs skate past Stampede with the goal of winning the road

Mushkirs skate past Stampede with the goal of winning the road

Six Falls (Courtesy SC Musketeers) – The Six City Musketeers bounced back from a one-night extra overtime loss to Danny Sanford at the Premier Center on Friday, beating Six Falls 4-3.

With seven minutes left in the first half, Brian Carabes slapped stamped netminder Trent Burnham from the right circle when the Musketeers hit first. Six City wanted to take the lead with a goal difference but Six Falls came back with a goal in the one-timer with 0.2 seconds left in the Cole Slinger period.

Having scored the second-half goal three times in a row, the Musketeers began to return quickly. Brenet Schmeic found the back of the net in an odd corner just minutes before Justin Hrikovian scored a 4-on-4 goal to lift the Musketeers twice. Joel Matta then took a 6-1 lead to Sixty City near Burnham in a pond right in front of the Sioux Falls net.

However, Stampede forward Luke Torovsky cut the deficit to one goal in the middle of the innings and Taylor Huskins of Siax Falls scored 3:34 in the rules to bring Stampede to one. Six Falls, however, failed to capitalize on Muskir’s late penalty as Six City rallied to secure the victory.

Eight individual musketeers recorded one point in the competition, while Alex Tracy stopped 21 shots in the net. Six City will return to action on Saturday, moving their record to 6-7-1 when they welcome Stampede to the Tyson Events Center: 0:05 Pak drop.