Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Review | Agnes is back in the COVID-themed AP again

Like it or not, Mrs. Brown’s boys – with her dirty toilet humor and slapstick comedy – are key elements of the Christmas schedule. This year is no different and we’ll get two doses of smiles from Agnes and a bunch of fun from her friends and family.

At the center of the COVID-19 special, there are lots of gags around the lockdown boreid, wearing a mask, elbow babies and those who bought extra toilet rolls – Agnes (Brendon O’Croll), I see you. At one point, the team joked about the amount of repetition we saw on TV, no less than Mrs. Brown herself.

In true Mrs. Brownie’s boys fashion, the violent joke is fun at once, the idea of ​​an actor and sitcom, O-Carol moves to the camera to break the tongue-in-cheek at multiple points – the reference to the wall – and all of us now live with lockdown or epidemic restrictions. Seeing some unusual side-effects proves to be an effective field of laughter.

The Christmas tree in Mrs. Brown’s world was adorned with a festive bit of PPE, poor Winnie went desperately looking for a toilet roll, and Agnes lamented how the pubs had to be replaced (although the Scotch eggs were firmly out of sight).

After all, what is visible is how comfortable the O’Rourke nation’s entertainment is at Christmas. When the BBC’s schedule was announced, a section of the nation was fed up with the thought of “another Mrs. Brown’s Boys episode” every year, completely ignoring the fact that it could not pull off the main viewing figures each year, but it did not crash. Extremely popular. Only in January of this year did O’Carroll and the family scoop up an NTA for Best Comedy Program (the show has been acclaimed and now claims five times).

Of course, Mrs. Brown’s sons can be divisive. The humor isn’t exactly subtle and some gags may get a little repetitive. But it is also elegance. When you tune in, you know exactly what you’re going to get. It is quite comfortable at Christmas. Did you know that you are going to laugh a little, cry, and warm your heart when the final Jerry Springer-style of fire is finished?

Isn’t it a joke that some things will resonate and others won’t? Claiming excellence because your taste is enhanced above Mrs. Brown’s son completely misses the point of taste. People can like what they like, and if it’s a rap or ultimately a slapstick prank of the Mighty Bush scene … you know what? That’s fine.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas and New Year Special 2020

In a year that has been difficult, divisive and often very lonely, Mrs. Brownie’s boys have been able to bring a few million around the TV with some nonsense at

The essence of comedy is that it makes you happy. If you’re unique, finishing a 30-minute episode to wipe tears from your face, or at a time when you need to think of funny jokes, it gets the job done. And for fans of Mrs. Brown’s boys, O’Croll’s Christmas special will do just that

This is what Agnes herself summed up at the end of the episode, perfectly. “Where would we be without TV? You know, we were all determined to do this show this year. Nothing can stop us because in the midst of all the chaos that comes before us and instantly barley, we need a laugh this year. I hope we can make a difference throughout the year. “

O’Croll continues: “Jokes always give us a lift, you can be sure of that. We are by your side when times are tough.

Especially after a deadly year, O’Kroll hit the nail on the head. When in doubt, and when the stability of the entertainment industry is particularly shaken, shows like Mrs. Brown’s son will go up and out to bring it to the attention of people who like it.

Mrs. Brown’s sons broadcast Christmas on BBC One. Looking for something else to watch? Watch our TV guide.

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