Movie New Mutants X-Men – When Will New Mutations Be Released?

The new mutants have been delayed for more than two years, prompting some to wonder if Marvel’s horror themes will ever hit theaters in a Marvel spin-off.

Director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Star) is behind an experimental superhero fight, set in a secret agency where five mutants have begun to demonstrate incredible superhuman abilities.

After considerable skepticism and uncertainty, the film is back on the road to cinematic release – but still, unfortunately, more tickets will be available on the maps.

Regardless, here’s what we know about Marvel’s new mutants.

When was the new mutant released in the UK?

New mutants are constantly being delayed. Originally released in April 2018, the film leaked in August 2019 and was removed several times due to various conflicts in the schedule, as well as events that were completely out of control.

At the time of writing, “New Mutants” should be released in theaters August 28, 2020, Along with a very cool new poster was published on the film’s official Twitter page. Of course, whether the film really represents this date is a completely different matter.

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– New Mutants (@New MutantsFilm) May 13, 2020

Earlier, the new mutants were due to hit theaters in the UK on April 10, 2020, almost two years after the launch date. However, the film was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, which closed most of the movies across Europe.

In a statement, Disney said: “As you know, this situation is rapidly evolving and (we wanted to make you aware that we are suspending the release of Mullen, The New Mutants and Antler out of caution).

“We really believe in the film’s experience and are looking for new possible release dates for 2020 which we will announce later.”

Why are you so late?

Twentieth century fox

The bills are different, though there was a slight delay before the film, probably as a result of redirects to scare, as well as Dark Phoenix finding a good place on the calendar for T20 X-Men colleagues (in other words, slate to look at different films).

After the twentieth century. Fox bought Disney to move new mutants from Mouse House, including films made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to prevent them from competing with other big blockbusters.

In the summer of 2019, Variety reported that the studio was “overwhelmed with new insurgents … and believes it has limited office possibilities”, encouraging speculation that they could shut it down altogether.

However, Disney finally found a new date for the film, planning an April 2020 release that seemed admirable in short. The coronavirus epidemic forced new mutants to move once more until it became a global epidemic.

Fans called for it to be announced online via demand or Disney + premium video, but the studio has set another date for the theater instead. Only time will tell if they will push him back …

What’s the story?

In a deadly twist on the original comics, The New Mutants follows a group of five young mutants who simply discover their strengths, who are housed in a strange object where their own abilities create horrific escape challenges.

Director Boone and star Macy Williams said the film would include a homosexual relationship – Boone claims there will be a “beautiful love story” throughout the story.

Is there a trailer?

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There are two! One came from somewhere when the film was supposed to come out in April 2018 and the new mutants show a variety of horrific events as their abilities grow.

The second trailer, which now contains an abandoned 2020 release date, was released in January and provides more details of the plot. Telepathic mutant Danny Munster (Blue Hunt) arrives at a mysterious hospital, but may not have the best interest in his heart just looking for staff …

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Who is in the role of The New Mutants?

New Mutants has an impressive role as a star and incoming star, many of whom have also appeared in other franchises.

Ania Taylor-Joy (PK Blinders) stars Ileana Rasputin / Magic, the protagonist of Marvel Comics, who has the ability to teleport extremists through the portal at night. In comics, she becomes a powerful witch by taking on Dr. Strange in the story of Colsus’s sister (last seen in Deadpool 2) and Avengers vs. X-Men.

Run a little mutant, run. Ileana is coming to

– New Mutants (@ New MutantsFilm) February 7, 2020

Game of Thrones star Macy Williams plays the protagonist of a mutated wolfsbain who has powers like a hell of a vehicle and must maintain strict control over them or he risks becoming genitals.

Introducing Rahne He really thinks this place goes to dogs. # NewMutants is in theaters on April 3rd.

– New Mutants (@NewMutansFilm) March 12, 2020

Actor Stranger Things will appear as Charlie Heaton Sam Guthrie, a mutant who can fly at incredible speeds and is relentless in doing so, aptly taking to Cannonball Street.

This is Sam. When he started getting sick so early at home, he didn’t know how to stop it. # NewMutants is in theaters on April 3rd.

– New Mutants on March 11, 2020 (@neuumentsfilm)

Based on the horror, the illusionist Daniel Munster / Mirage will play Blue Hunt, best known for his role in the movie “Originals” titled “Vampire Diary”. Meanwhile, Henry Jaga (13 Reasons) will play a powerful solar-powered worker, Robert the Costa aka Sunspot, who previously starred in the 2014 film X-Men: Deuce of the Future. Different actors).

Dr. Alice Braga (Queen of the South) is the group’s consultant. Cecilia Reyes, who has the ability to create a defensive ball field around herself.

How does this relate to other X-Men movies?

Initially, the film was supposed to be set in the same universe as the X-Men and Deadpool movies with possible crossovers, but it is still unclear whether the franchise has changed ownership.

Apparently, the film is set in the John Ham Ham post-credit scene starring the classic X-Men villain Mr. Sinster, but that plan was resolved after a search of X-Men movies with Daroco Phoenix.

A relationship is likely to remain, although Taylor-Joy’s character is the metallic X-Men Colsus / Peter Rasputin’s canonical sister, Daniel Kudmore and Stefan Capicic starred in various X-Men and Deadpool films.

Who was the new mutant in comics?

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In the original comics, the new mutants were introduced as a new “class” of teenage mutants when the original X-Men graduated, studied at Professor Xavier’s school, while more famous characters faced bigger problems.

Of course, until the end, the New Mutants were caught up in a variety of dangerous (and often deadly) conflicts with super villains and the like, but it seems that they were made for a movie with a special advantage.

All of the characters in the film were members of the original cast, although some characters (including Doug Ramsey / Cipher with magma lava control and advice) are linguists.

The new mutants will be released in theaters in the UK on August 28, 2020. If you are looking for more time to watch, check out our TV guide.

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