/Most of the McDonald’s have re-established restaurants

Most of the McDonald’s have re-established restaurants

CHICAGO – Countries plan to welcome customers into their dining rooms while keeping them comfortable at home – once their new security measures are in place.

“When we get back, we want to make arrangements for security,” McDonald’s President Joe Erlinger wrote in a news release.

McDonald’s has already used commercial floor stickers, health checks, locks in control areas and gloves and masks needed for staff.

New ideas include reducing the living space by creating an alternative environment and having the most impact with frequent cleaning – such as tables.

McDonald’s President Joe Erlinger says the new standard will apply to McDonald’s 14,000 worldwide. (Source: McDonald’s)

Erlinger said restaurants have made their masks where customers need them.

The playground should be closed. And alcoholic beverages are modified to reduce contact.

“It will be part of McDonald’s global operations of 14,000 operations,” Erlinger said.