More than 6 million players have joined Marvel’s Avengers beta

More than a million players took part in Marvel’s Avengers Beta, and Square Enix is ​​using data collected by experiments to roll out fixes for upcoming games.

In a blog post on the official Marvel Avengers website, Square Enix revealed that more than one million players have spent a total of more than 27 227 million playing the game in beta. Also among other interesting figures are the fact that more than 300 million enemies were defeated, 200 million Hulks were crushed, 22 million Hulk Busters were called in, and 29 trillion kilowatt hours produced by the 29-mile Load Man’s arc reactor.

The information, however, is not just for display. Beta testing meant collecting data and feedback before the actual launch of a game, and Square Enix said players had “a big impact” on Marvel’s Avengers.

The improvements that Square Enix will apply to Marvel’s Avengers include eliminating various crashes and improving matchmaking, in addition to a Day One patch that will address many of the issues raised in the beta. Features that will be added due to player feedback include options to integrate camera shake sensitivity and speed blur, reduce boot drop delays, and make changes to default settings.

Square Enix also provided a glimpse of future updates, a ping system in battle zone mode, options for subtitle sizes, and how it works for a high-contrast setting.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch on September 1 for the first access players with a global launch on September 4.

X-Men in Marvel’s Avengers?

Shawn Eskeg, Marvel’s Avengers creative director, said in an interview that the game’s license extends to all of Marvel’s more than 80-year history. This leaves the door for future X-Men to join the game.

The list of X-Men who joined the Avengers at some point in Marvel’s history includes Beast, Wolverine, Storm, and Disease.

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