More than 50 years of Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupons and cabrillet; Which is your choice?

Mercedes-Benz is making the final touches to the 2021 E-Class coupe and its altered front, so the company is pushing behind their door-to-door predecessors, but they will not share the same name, but families of the same family. .

W114 of 1960

According to German Automobile, the story was published in 2004. Launched in 1968, the Stroke 8 bed is basically a quadruple version of the W114.

Supplying only a six-cylinder engine, the model was spacious and luxurious. The 11 11 engines from the 250 AD to the Bosch D-Zetronic electronic fuel injection were also highly technical. The 148 hp (110 kW / 150 PS) output isn’t as impressive as current standards, but the Mercedes can then hit 124 miles per hour – “much better than a passenger car.”

In fact, the car embraced everything that came to define the company’s medium-sized coups – luxurious interiors and luxurious interiors. Speaking of which, the model had a more mature air screen and lower ceiling than the car. It also has wood trim and bulb designs.

1970s W123

Similar to the W123 in May, it came ten years later, as it was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1977 (The 109 PS).

There were 300 CDs powered by diesel below and this is the only line in North America. It only had a five-cylinder engine of k9 km (59 kW / 60 PS), but was eventually replaced by 123 hp (92 kW / 125 hp).

The W123 Coupe had more sports than its predecessor, as well as a different motorcycle. In terms of size, the model was 3.3 inches (85 mm) shorter and 1.6 inches (40 mm) shorter than the censorship.

1980s W124

Reached May May 1987. And for the first time, e-commerce was a breath of fresh air four years after the title was reached, the fold shows a soft top of 95 pounds (43 kg) with 27 pounds at the top and 34 joints.

Like its predecessor, the W123 was less than 3.3 inches (85 mm) from the soda portion of the W124. At this point, however, “the side panels, roof and rear edges were also severely adjusted. Only the next meeting from Sinai will remain unchanged.”

In May 1993, Fairfield was launched and the first AMG variants were created. Known as the E36 AMG, its models had a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine with 268 hp (200 kW / 272 PS).

1990’s W208 20

Four years later, Mercedes uses the CLK Monica (W208) instead of the E-Class coupe and its renamed. This was not the only change, as the company believed that the “two-door model was based on the existing C-Class”, but since it was a full four-seater, it continued the traditional theological approach to e-classes. “

The engine was found with the same four cylinders with 134 hp (100 kW / 136 PS). However the to-tape ratio from 342 degrees.

C209 / A209 of 2000

The second-generation CLK had it in 2002 and it got a more stylish style than its predecessor. The model was bigger than the previous one and it provides a more comfortable interior.

Seven different engines were on the couch and only five changed it. Despite this, the results of both ranged from 161 hp (120 kW / 163 hp) to 362 hp (270 kW / 367 hp).

However, there is an important caveat here – limited edition CLK DTM AMG. Model In 2004, the Ramos 575 MPF. It shows a 5.5-liter V8 that has increased (428 kW / 582 PS).

In fact, the car was only a powerful engine, as it drew special inspiration from the company’s DMCA racing car. The engine-inspired design continued in the cabinet, as it had light-weight bucket seats, carbon fiber inserts, and a wool-packed steering wheel.

CLK 63 AMG, which has a face-to-face CLK 63 AMG at 474 kg (354 kW / 481 PS). It follows. Available as single sofa.

This is 2010 C 207 / A 207 20

The E-Class monastery will return in 2009 when the two-door model was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The conversion came about a year later and an alternative-neck-grade heating system appeared.

Although it has some interesting designs, the model was a strong seller when Mercedes made 221,556 scans and 140,925 variants.

2017 C238 / A238

His successor was unveiled at the 2017 North America International Automotive Show and will be replaced with a face that may include the features recently used in soda.

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