MLB Playoff Push: Season positions after Blue Joyce’s series win

Luckily for the Toronto Blue Joyce, an MLB series can’t win or lose in the aggregate.

After a 16-1 win over the New York Mets on Friday, Neil Jess returned with a 3-2 and -3-3 win on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. They haven’t lost a series in a month.

Entering the weekend, Toronto climbed to fifth in the playoff standings of the American League – and that’s where they stayed on Monday morning.

The New York Yankees are hot on their tails (only halfway behind in the game) and will have plenty of time to catch it. The Blue Jays will play their last 14 matches against the Yankees and start the three-game set starting in Buffalo on Tuesday.

If the playoffs start today

The top two teams in each division make it to the playoffs and the next two best teams for a total of 16 playoffs in each league. These 1 teams will face off in the top eight series fights that will precede the league division series.

These eight American League teams will qualify as the next season begins:

No. 1 Chicago White Sox vs. No. 8 Cleveland Indians
No. 2 Tampa Bay Race vs. No. 7 New York Yankees
No. 3 Oakland Athletics vs. No. 6 Houston Astros
No. 4 Minnesota Twin vs. No. 5 Toronto Blue Joyce

And these eight national teams will qualify:

No. 1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. No. 8 San Francisco Giants
No. 2 Atlanta Brave vs. No. 7 Philadelphia Philio
No. 3 Chicago Cube vs. No. 6 St. Louis Cardinals
No. 4 San Diego Padres vs. No. 5 Miami Marlins

How the seeds work in 2020: According to the MLB, the top three seeds in each league go to the winners of the three categories according to the record. The next three seeds go to the three teams that finished second in their division in order of record. The final two seed divisions will go to the two teams with the next best records regardless.

.6 more than 6 games
Second in Al East

Good night, #bluesage fans!

– Toronto Blue Joyce (@blues) September 14, 2020

Attractive distance

For A’League, the only drama likely to be played in the final two-and-a-half weeks of the regular season is the change to the pre-existing play-offs. The Yankees and the Indians are both 4.5 games clear of the next closest wildcard rival, the Seattle Mariners, who have won seven of 10 but remain four games south of the .500. After the Mariners, the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles – who were first and second in the June draft – both sat 5.5 games behind.

There is a possibility of some nail-biting in the extended part of the national league. The Colorado Rockies and Milwaukee Brewers are just two games out of the eight-seed giants’ pace, with the Mets and the Cincinnati Reds trailing by 2.5 out games. None of this team is particularly hot right now, as the Rockies, Brewers and Mets have all lost games in a row. The Reds, meanwhile, won on Sunday but lost four of their past seven.

Play-off odd report

No matter where you look, Toronto has the highest percentile of the 90s to reach the playoffs. So let’s instead focus on our division, where Neil Joyce and the Yankees have fought for second al-East space figure

Here are the department’s responses to Fangraph and Five Thirty:

Top category spots

Neil Joyce’s fangraph response: 2.2% Neil Jess’s ‘fiftieth response: 2%

Yankees fangraphs Response: 4.9% | Yankees’ fiftieth response: 4%

Ray’s fangraph response: 93.0% | Fiftyth response of the beam: 94%

Second Division Spot

Fans of Neil Joyce responded: 36.9% | Neil Joyce’s fiftieth response: N / A

Yankees Fangraph Response: 56.3% | Yankees’ fiftieth response: N / A

Ray’s fangraph response: 6.7% | Fiftyth reaction of the ray: N / A


After Monday’s holiday, Neil Jess will start the original three home series against the Yankees at Sahelen Field. In three games since Toronto acquired him, Taijuan Walker started against Yankees Rocky Devi Garcia with a shiny 1.15 ERA. Early in his loneliness against Neil Joyce, 21-year-old Garcia won by allowing two runs in a seven-run innings.

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