/Minecraft Earth will be closed this June

Minecraft Earth will be closed this June

Minecraft is a huge video game franchise that has been enjoyed by fans both young and old so it’s incredibly shocking to find someone who doesn’t know what Minecraft is. As well as the title, there’s also an assortment of spin-off content like Mincraft Earth, and it’s a game you won’t be surprised if you aren’t familiar with. It’s a mobile game that didn’t go out of early access and now we see servers coming to an end this year.

Minecraft Earth is a mobile game that was initially released for free for access. It’s a lot like Pokemon Go, with players heading out to play the game in public. This augmented reality title is more of a sandbox game where the real structure is where you get to create structures and collaborate with other players. As you can imagine, there is a field that is preventing Minecraft Earth from having any kind of stable foot.

Thank you for spreading the global health epidemic right now. Not much can be done so we wait for the vaccines to work and hopefully, get rid of the need to have so many restrictions. Unfortunately, this is a waiting game for which Mozong Studios was not ready and as a result, they are pulling the plug on Minecraft Earth later this year.

With the game centered around the players to actually enjoy the game, Mozong can’t do much. Instead of working further on the title, the game will close in June 2021 and resources will be drawn from there to other projects. It’s a short-term game, but we’ll probably see a kind of resurgence in AR headlines once the epidemic is no longer an issue.

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