Minecraft Dozens Update 1.4 is now live; Complete set details of patch notes

Developer Mozong has released the latest update of their recently released Minecraft title – Minecraft Dungeons.

Titled as Update 1.4, the new update brings a ton of new welcome fixes such as new features for all players, a ton of changes to the game, and general bug fixes you’ve probably brought before. Developer Mozang Mincraft has become really focused on Danzion’s player base and has added some new features and additions to the game as well as dealing with players’ experiences as needed.

See the latest set of patch notes below:

Creeping Winter DLC:

  • A creeping winter is slowly taking its toll on everything it touches, and the source of its cooling energy is a powerful creature known as the Rached Wright.
  • Take on three new missions and face new enemies like Illusioner and Isolgar
  • As you search for the source of the corruption, you’ll discover new armor, weapons, and patterns beneath the ice and slits.
  • Two new player skins and Arctic fox pets

New Features – Free for all players:

  • Daily Trials – Every day new challenges change wildly in game mechanics that provide you with tough, experimental or fun challenges to earn and achieve powerful rewards. There are four new pieces of gear to earn, exclusive to Daily Trials! Learn more in the Daily Trial FAQ.
  • Gift wrappers on gift items from new camp merchants to rescue during missions, such as blacksmiths to upgrade gear and other players
  • Exclusive new weapons and armor for the Daily Trials as well as two new Architects and six new magic spells throughout the game. Use new tools such as the magic of Benist, Benest Armor and Tumbleweed to battle!


  • Legends have been added to a map showing new rewards, secret locations and captured merchants
  • New achievements and trophies to unlock for jungle waking and creeping winter
  • After losing a life, players are now given a bundle of arrows if they have less than one arrow bundle.
  • An online game host can now toggle the private game so friends can’t join without inviting them
  • Changing the balance
    • Shortbow / Longbow / Bow: Increased ammunition 50%
    • Cutglass: The attack combo starts from 4 to 2 combos
    • Pixax: The attacking attack has been changed to combo 1 attack
    • Snatchers: The snatch attack limit has been increased by 25%
  • Battle staff has now descended to the lower temple
  • Light feathers now trigger all rolling systems

All Platform Modifications:

  • CrAsh / Performance
    • Several crashes have been fixed during gameplay across all platforms
    • The game is frozen after the Nintendo Switch activates Fleming Quiver, Fireworks Arrow and Torrent Quiver at the same time.
  • General
    • Dozens of improvements and corrections have been made from text to speech throughout the game
    • Fixed players disconnected from session if host has low FPS experience during loading screen
  • Gameplay
    • Corrupt Caldron and Insta can no longer be killed
    • Fixed players no arrows after disconnection from a game during load screen and no health suppression working, then reconnecting
    • Using soul-related items while wearing soul-related gear no longer results in the player being driven in the air (MCD-1810).
    • Solutions to rescue problems
    • Fall damage has varied in health percentages, regardless of the armor worn
  • Graphical
    • The gates are set to shake as the overgrown temple descends
    • Fix the movie that ended during online multiplayer
  • Myth
    • The word near the lobby book has been updated for better matching action
    • Fixed missing sound while pressing the last button in the dinghy jungle puzzle
    • The static background music stops randomly in the lower temple
    • Redstone Golem Mines no longer produces sound when master volume is set to 0%
    • Fixed cinematic voiceover language does not change after the system’s preferred language changes
    • Fixed menu sound effects not playing when selecting threat level VII
  • User interface
    • After reconnecting a controller fixes the controller disconnection prompt disappears (MCD-1584)
    • Fixing the door at the end of the dinghy jungle motivates “travel” instead of “exit”
    • Showing an incorrect ‘P0’ indicator on the mission selection screen in local multiplayer fixes a rare problem, causing input problems
    • The white background will be briefly displayed during the rewards screen after opening the chest
    • Panda Plateau now shows the correct loading screen for hidden missions
    • Microsoft has added a spinning icon animation to the account sign-in screen
    • The teleport menu has changed so it is pressed a close button that is not tied to a specific target player

Xbox One Fix:

  • Title stability improved after disconnection from Xbox Live
  • Fixes crashes that occur when signing active profiles during the Mission Victory countdown screen
  • Fixes a crash that occurs when signing out of an active profile while viewing the Mission Select screen in the camp
  • After restarting from a suspended state on the Start screen, the title does not display any ‘user sign out’ message incorrectly
  • Players suspended in offline mode and suspended are unable to accept friends’ invitations after the game is restarted from suspension
  • Fixed the game crashing after disconnecting the first moderator and reconnecting the secondary session when leaving the secondary session

Nintendo Switch Fix:

  • Available for jungle waking with guest controller now a crash has been fixed at the push of a button
  • Fixed news not being published unless logged in to a Microsoft account

PlayStation 4 Fix:

  • Fixed players were invited to an online session by someone other than the host without accepting the invitee

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Mincraft Dungeons is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Have you been playing dungeon lately? Happy with the latest update? Let us know in the comments below!

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