Mike Pondsmith and Talsarian Games have issued a statement in response to the recent events following the death of George Floyd.

Mike Pondsmith, creator of the wildlife popular Cyberpunk 2020 desktop RPG, warned that the cyberpunk concept should not be targeted, but should be a “caution” in Talsarian Games’ statement about George Floyd’s death and subsequent events. Demonstrations, riots and looting.

The beginning of the deposition began with the success of Pondsmith and a brief history of the making of the R Talsarian games.

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It begins: “R. The Talsurian game was founded by Mick Pondsmith in the early 1980s. Mike Pondsmith, as many of you know it is black. As far as we know, RTG is the first major role-playing company founded by a black man. “

The statement continued: “In our view, it remains one of the significant black-owned and managed board game companies. Until last year, he was the only black man at the Origins Hall of Fame. And he’s aware of how public the upcoming is Cyberpunk 2077 The video game created his profile. “

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The statement clarified current events in the United States since the death of George Floyd, including mass protests, insurrections and looting.

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The text reads, “Mike has spent a lot of time in the last few days and not just the current events, his whole life he thought about when he was a black man in the United States and a black man in the game.”

“Looking out the window and not mentioning what it means to understand the dystopian future of the author’s career turning into dystopia.” He says more.

The statement said Pondsmith considered the right word to deal with the situation: “There’s a lot more to it. As CEO of Mike Pondsmith or R Talsurian Games, he simply condemns racism or supports brave souls fighting for change and a lesser, less cyberpunk world.” “Mike takes the time to pick the right words to express his thoughts and feelings, but he chooses them and has something to say about race, abuse of power and power.”

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Pondsmith considered his statement, and wanted to make clear where the Talsarian Games organization stood.

They wrote, “We don’t just condemn racism. Despise.

It continues: “People, regardless of skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, physical or mental differences, age or religion, have the right to live without worrying about harassment or anxiety. Others have been beaten or killed by others, especially by power and authority. “

The statement further said, “When power is abused, people have the right and indeed the duty to stand up, protest against this abuse and demand accountability.”

And. Talsarian Games not only issued a statement, but made it clear that they would keep the money in their mouths and pay $ 2,000 to the bailout project and then distribute a digital receipt of their donation.

Cyberpunk 2020 creator Mike Pondsmith responds to Cyberpunk 2077 transgender debate

At the end of their hiring, the studio made it clear that it would not take just to create a better place in the world.

“This will not be the last step we take to promote the best place in the world. We encourage you to do everything you can and visit locally whenever possible. There are some things in the backyard that can use your attention. “

He concludes the statement with a quote from Pondsmith: “Cyberpunk was a warning, not an aspiration.”

And what does the statement from the Talsarian Games and Pondsmith’s warning against cyberpunk dystopia say?

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