Microsoft Summer Spotlight 2020 Trailer Highlights More Than 70 Headlines

Microsoft has released a new trailer, which focuses on upcoming events called Summer Gamestest Demo Event 2020.

Check it out below:

Microsoft’s Summer Gamestest demo event is a gaming event that allows Xbox users to try out 70 released games and demos throughout the coming month. The event kicks off on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 and will bring players several game demos. This is today’s new trailer. Also, Microsoft has released a new statement, which details the event and what players can earn by participating. Check it out below:

Play new games on Xbox One this summer! New games will be released every week for six weeks from July 21st – August 31st to spend 5,000 50 on summer spotlight titles between July 21st – August 31st to recover 5,000 5,000 Microsoft Rewards points and a $ 5 gift card The final members of the Games Pass will receive a কার্ড 10 gift card.


Microsoft announced the event earlier this month, where it was announced as a gaming event in the comfort of your own home. The list of games offered during the event can be found here on the official Xbox Wire blog. Players will find many titles, Destroy all people!, Delete vein bodies, and superhot mind control, A few naming.

What is your opinion on this news? Would you like to try a title? Let us know below in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned to Gamerex for the latest gaming news releases.

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