/Microsoft has released the May 10 update for developers on Windows 10

Microsoft has released the May 10 update for developers on Windows 10

Microsoft has launched a commercial utility to upgrade its Windows 10 features. The 2020 update, known as Windows 10 2004 Today

The Windows team is providing step-by-step updates on the latest features for EMS, then developers and major users of the latest versions. Microsoft has now developed the Software Development Kit for Windows 10 2004 under an available license and released the update for those who have access to MSDN. Microsoft recommends that developers use the 2004 version of Ring to preview the Windows 10 release, albeit for the time being to update their development environment.

Microsoft was in no hurry due to work and domestic disorders caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in 200V. The product was originally “made” for a while, and Microsoft continues to add updates to testers on a variety of tests – it’s now a more synthetic collection for slow and release preview testers.

After tightening its grip before releasing the update, Microsoft pushed back the schedule for its Windows 10 2004 version. It requires a mainstream transmission on May 12, my acquaintance said.

My sources said that Microsoft last week delivered Windows 10 2004 to PC OM partners. Hearing that targeting for larger users will probably start on May 28th, I asked Microsoft to renew the Tips program, but I got no word.

Windows 10 2004 has a lot of improvements and updates and a number of new features. This is an update that adds Windows Linux (WSL) 2 support to the OS system. (Don’t forget Microsoft’s decision to remove the Linux kernel from the OS image in March)) It provides the option to download cloud configuration files without using local installation files. Windows 10 2004 adds an option to automatically restore open applications after a reboot.

Microsoft Windows Ring version 20H2 has already been tested with new features to finish or not. My sources say that Microsoft wants to make a small update for 20H2 by 2004. 190 1909 had the same 190-year freeze-update experience. Microsoft officials did not say so publicly.