Microsoft Announces New Batch of Xbox Game Pass Titles for Both Console and PC

Microsoft has taken Xbox Ware to Xbox Ware to announce and detail new game games coming to Xbox Games for console and PC platforms.

The Xbox Game Pass already has a lot of great games in service but it seems that with this latest set of games they will add even more pairs to your buck. However, Microsoft also mentioned that some games will leave the service.

The Xbox Wire blog details the whole set of additions / deletions to the service and I detail them below. If you are new and interested in leaving the key, make sure you have thoroughly tested it!

For the console and PC users, see the full set of add-ons and add-ons near Xbox Games below:

Crusader Kings III (PC) (email protected) – Available today!

This great strategy game puts you at the head of one of the great houses of the medieval world of deep research. Use your army, your diplomacy and your intellect to expand and improve your dynasty. Each generation of anxious conspirators, restless priests and ungrateful children brings new characters and new challenges as you challenge your kingdom and your family to keep in line.

Jackbox Party Pack 4 (console) (email protected) – September 3rd

The biggest and fourth addition to the franchise of this ground party game is the blank fun sequel Phoebe 3 and its brand-new game mode, Phoebe: Enough about you; The web-based frame game saves the Internet; The ghostly date-a-thon monster looking monster; Controversial match brackets; And one-up art game Civic Doodle. Use your phone or tablet as a controller and play with over 16 players, plus 10,000 listeners!

Residential il Will 7 Biohazard (console and PC) – 3 September

Looking for danger and despair through the rotten walls of an abandoned southern farmhouse. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has marked a new beginning in the panic of survival by shifting to the perspective of the first person to drown. And engine-driven, the graphics have reached new heights of incredible photorealism and are driving players into a more disruptive game world.

Tell me why: Chapter Two (Console and PC) – September 3

One day with Xbox game pass available! Ronan continues to unravel the mystery of the twin Mary-Ann, but see that some people who knew him want to bury the truth. Michael Dillos helps Tyler adapt to life at the crossing, while Alson fights the tension between his brother and Uncle Eddie.

Tuhu Luna Nights (Console and PC) (email protected) – September 3

The Touhou Project meets Metrodovnia in this remarkable title and the protagonist Sakua Ijayoi seals his skills and discovers a world like Jensokio. He must unleash his skills and fight against other Tuhu project characters to discover the truth about discovering himself in this world The World, the characters and their animations … The beauty of the Tuhuhu project world is revealed through gorgeous pixel graphics.

World War Z (PC) – 2 September

Humanity is on the verge of extinction. The devastation spread unabated from New York to Moscow and Jerusalem. When it gets stronger by the end, a few strong bands will work together to defeat the army and drive out the dead.

Star Renegades (PC) (email protected) – September 8

Star Renegades is a strategy RPG about outsmarting AI-driven opponents, building friendships and pushing back the galactic empire that has been spread over multiple generations. Procedurally generated and evolving mission-based campaigns and intelligent adversarial systems with enemy officers that evolve and rise to the top, each response is unique, challenging, and fusing a tactical turn-based combat system that and never the same.

Dysgia 4 Full + (PC) – September 10

Xbox Games for the ultimate Disgia PC has arrived! A group of HL-raising actions and special features await you in the story of this burning revolution. With more than 30 unlockable characters, additional storytelling and the modern version enriched with the Disega formula, there is a deeper and smoother offer of SRPG experience as there has been before Disega 4 Complete +.

Hotshot Racing (console) (email protected) – 10 September

Hotshot Racing is an exciting, fast-paced arcade-style racing game with fused drift handling, razor-sharp retro visuals and an incredible sense of speed to create an exciting driving experience. 16 Racing Circuits Running, Turn and Straits are suitable for limited fast racing. Smash Lap Records for downloading ghost laps to set up global online leaderboards or match your racing lines to the very best.

Tell me why: Chapter 3 (Console and PC) – September 10

One day with Xbox game pass available! The search for their father’s identity has put the twins’ lives in turmoil. Tyler continues to chase alone for fear of losing his sister. Meanwhile, Alson’s guilt calls him into conflict with the person he loves the most, such as the heart-tied tell me why the trio is over!

Destination 2: Shadokip and Forsaken (console) – Coming soon

Dive into the world of Destiny 2 to get the experience of a responsive first person shooter battle filled with stylish finishers and devastating super powers. Create your guardian and explore the mysteries of the solar system while collecting powerful gear to customize your look and play style. Brave challenging co-op missions compete with other guardians in various PVP modes, and both Forsaken and Shadokip gain cinematic story experience across the expanse. You fix your legend.

DLC / Game Updates

Grounded August content update
August content update has arrived! In addition to the birds, players can expect feathers to appear in the backyard to use for artwork, with lots of other goodies waiting there. Players can now expect to see two new category searches from BRGL: chipslut searches that will ask players to search for missing BRGL chips, and artifier searches that will ask players to craft specific items. Both search types reward the player with raw science, which can then be used to upgrade BUG.L’s tech chip swap stores, buy blueprints, and buy a new Park: Meat Shield. Parks is another new feature included with this update. These parks allow players to select 3 individual mutations to apply to their character to survive in their backyard.

Streets of the villain Character Bundle – Available Now!
Xbox Game Pass members can use their exclusive membership discount to save up to 10%! Street Streets is back with 6 new characters! This mischief about player choice and anarchy is now giving you even more freedom in the courage to be the mayor of the city. Play as an alien and control the mind on your way to victory or skate the courier and roller on your way to becoming mayor! If you are new to Streets of Dazzling, the Streets of Daze Character Bundle will give you everything you need to create chaos, complete missions, and determine the future of the city!

Xbox Game Pass Final Parks

After a huge park drop last week with Discord, Gears 5, and Overcooked! 2, we have more parks to close the month of August that are on your way this week!

The sound of war (Available September 2, excluding Japan)
Get ready to act with it Complete caution bundle! Join War Thunder, the most comprehensive free-to-play MMO military game dedicated to World War II and Cold War aircraft, armored vehicles and navies. Join now and take part in big battles on land, in the air and at sea, battling millions of players from all over the world in an ever-evolving environment.

Fantasy Star Online 2 (Excluding South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia on the occasion of September 2)
Claim your Fantasy Star Online 2 September Monthly Bonus Pack, which includes Tribost, Casino Coin Pass and more!

Additionally, this is your last chance to claim Spotify, Smit X Avatar Starter Pass and Boruto from Naruto: Shinobi Striker Parks! So make sure you unload these now with the Parks Gallery on your Xbox console, Windows 10 PC and Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

Xbox Game Pass Searches

New September this week! Dozens are available here, but here are a few notes:

  • New Weekly Summer Mode Quest (Final member):
    • Grounded – “Grow up or never go home” (Play Grounded): 50 points
  • New weekly search (All game pass members)
    • Carion – Earn Two Achievements: 75 points

Check back for daily, weekly and monthly searches on your console or see all your searches in the new Xbox Game Pass mobile app! Free up points for more game passes, Xbox gift cards and discount entries.

I’ll be back soon

We all need that extra space on the hard drive – here’s your notification to wrap up these games before hitting the Ole Dusty Trail (you can use your exclusive membership discount to get up to 20% on games if you want to continue before the fun continues!)

Leaving on September 2

September is leaving September

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (console)

Leaving September 15th

  • Counting: Blueberry Edition (console and PC)
  • Jump force (console)

The Xbox Game Pass is one of the best subscriptions in the gaming community of late and it seems that Microsoft simply plans to make it even better. What are your thoughts on adding something new to the service? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Xbox Wire

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