Mia Bali has COVID-19 in her first look married from season 7, asking MAFS fans for “support and kind thoughts”

When Mia recovers from Kobid-19, she seeks help from MAFS fans. Credit Peak: Lifetime

Mia Bali 7 has married COVID-19 at the first sight of the season. During the test, he asked MAFS fans for “support and kind thoughts.”

Reality Reality used Instagram to break the message of its followers and get social media support.

Mia Bali has a COVIS-19

On Thursday morning Mia smiled as she shared a stunning picture of all her outfits. The image reveals the opposite vibration of how it felt in his time.

Mia stunned fans with the sad news headline, everyone trying to keep a positive, positive impression.

“Hi Yaal, with a sad mind.” I have a Covid-19. I was tested just after Wednesday and it came back positive. I will be apart for another 14 days, but I would like to like all the support and kind thoughts at the moment. Be kind, stay inside, ”he shared.

The post was immediately flooded with fans who wanted Mia to recover quickly, wished a lot of good thoughts, love and made it clear that she is not alone.

Mia just didn’t seek support from the fans and left later. He responded to every fan comment present on his post.

Funny fans in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic

Mia uses social media to keep fans entertained amid a coronavirus epidemic. She has released PSA news, crazy music, dancing and videos of Mia making fun of herself.

Stupid ticking videos are not the only way to stay in touch with Mia. He shared several posts on Instagram and reminded his followers what can be controlled and what cannot be controlled.

Miao uses this time to think about her past and anticipate her future. Alum Merid recently shared a long Instagram post in First Seat about falling in love for the first time in life and being grateful for the smallest things in life.

Something Mia is grateful for “the sunset, the blue waves and the smell of fresh rain”.

The time for gratitude and Moinho’s contribution to moving forward came just days before the announcement of his COVID-19 test.

Now more than ever Mia Bali uses her own advice to be positive, but also seeks the support of her fans. She needs this good vibration and good luck because she has been apart for two more weeks.

Isolated, fans can expect to report MAFS Season 7 star status. Ultimately, he has to have fun separating.

Married at first sight: Couples premiered the cam on Wednesday, May 20 at 8 / 7c for Life.

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