Men and women appear in court to investigate the Dublin murder

Two men have gone to trial in connection with an investigation into the murder of a man in Dublin last year.

Both Mark Caserley and Les O’Connor of Rowlag Park in Klondike have been charged with perverting the course of justice.

Wayne Hillan’s body was found November 18 in the passenger seat of a burning car at Mount Andrew in Lawson.

An autopsy revealed that he had been shot several times.

Lacey O’Connor, 26, appeared in court today and was accused of distorting the judicial process by giving her a false account of the suspects’ movements.

Detective Sergeant John Conway told the court that the DPP had ordered him to be tried in the high court by a judge and jury.

Mark O’Connor faces two charges of the same violation by Mark Casarelli, but the charges are on separate dates in December last year.

Detective Marcus Rontrio did not object to his bail, and both are due to appear in court again in July.

Reported by Frank Greene
Original image: A forensic guard tent where Wayne Hillan’s body was found at Mount Andrew Rise in Dublin, Lawson County. Photo: Sam Boal / RollingNews.E.

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