Megan Merkel lost in the first round of secrecy against the British tabloids

Last weekend Megan Merkel and Prince Harry failed to file lawsuits against British tabloids.

In October, after Megan published a private letter to her father in The Mail on Sunday August 2018, the two were announced to sue in the Associated Press. The lawsuit seeks compensation for misuse of private information, data security breaches. Copyright and copyright infringement.

There was a pre-trial hearing last week, and Supreme Court Judge Mark Warby agreed to “cross out” part of the couple’s claim at the request of the post office on Sunday. This means that if the case goes to trial, the court will not be forced to rule on whether Lithuania misbehaved on Sunday, insulted Megan or deliberately incited concern between Megan and her father, because the claims are “irrelevant.” “. At Megan’s request

Despite the verdict, Megan’s legal team has made it clear that it will “continue to move forward” if it fails. “Today’s verdict makes it clear that the core elements of this case are not changing and they will move forward,” said a spokesman for the law firm Schilling.

“The rights of the Duchess have been violated; Legal boundaries have been crossed around privacy. As part of this process, the Sunday letter revealed in full view the perverted, manipulative and dishonest tactics used to guide the bitch to Sussex. “

The spokesman continued: “But we respect the judge’s decision, as the case against the Associated Press will continue to focus on the issue of private, intimate and handwritten letters from the daughter to the father, which the Sunday Post published. This is a gross violation of personal rights. And is invalid, and the Sunday letter should be held accountable for his actions . “

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