Meet Jeff Azaf, whose wedding was attended by Harry Styles, Olivia Wild

Harry Styles and Olivia Wild made their debut as a couple at the wedding of his agent Jeff Azaf over the weekend.

As Page Six is ​​exclusively published, Styles, 26, and Wilde, 36, painted by hand – and were twins at Gucci – at Azif’s wedding to Glenn Christianensen in Montecito, Kilif, the singer was so close to this Azf that she served us in Naphtali, a source. That was about 20 guests.

But who is the agent who was attracted to the presence of such star power on his big day?

He has worked with Styles for several years

Jeff Azf and Harry Styles in Azf’s wedding background

He has been an agent of Stiles since 2016, so it should be said that they know each other very well.

The bride, who was open about working with styles last year, told Music Week 2019, “Most of the time it doesn’t feel like work.”

He added, “The great thing about Harry is that he has a lot of ideas and he’s the kind of artist he knows exactly. It makes our job a lot easier, what we try to do and stay there and support him.”

According to Focus, Azf created some controversy with fans of the singer while blaming the agent for making Styles unacceptable.

He is the son of renowned entertainment executive Irving Azaf and Shelley Azf

Shelley and Irving Azfagetti figure

Azaf’s parents are hot shots in the industry.

His father, Irving Azaf, is one of the most powerful entertainers in the world. He was chairman and CEO of Azaf MSG Entertainment before starting an organization with his son. Prior to that, he was CEO of Ticketmaster Entertainment, Executive Chairman of Live Nation Entertainment, and CEO of Front Line Management. He is Sturge Inc. And is also on the board of IMG.

Jeff’s mother Shelley Ayoff is also a Hollywood power player.

Interestingly enough, Styles once revealed during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that the most famous person in her phone contact was Shelley.

The entertainment biz runs in the family

After leaving CAA, Jeff – along with his father and Brandon Creed – started Full Stop Management in 2016, Billboard reported.

The talent company presents other big names like Lizo and Meghan Trainer.

A glimpse of his personal life

Image by Glenn Christianensen and Jeff Azfagetti

Jeff keeps a relatively low profile, excluding working with some of the biggest names in the world. Even her public Instagram page has only two posts and her Twitter feed is basically just re-posting about the success of her clients.

We know that his new wife works for Apple Music and before that Snap Inc. Its music was the head of the partners, according to its LinkedIn page.

He also worked at CAA from 2012 to 2015. Perhaps this is how he and Jeff met.


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