Meet 14-year-old Kelvin Duke with a big voice on ‘America’s Free Trade’

This week’s unforgettable performance of American Got Talent comes from 14-year-old Kelvin Duke.

Kelvin sang “No Way” to Artha Franklin, receiving four “yes” votes from the judges to advance to the next round. Check out his great review below, and read on to learn more about him.

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Kelvin Duke programs ‘AGT’

Kelvin’s parents supported him during his review. His mother said he had “a lot of personality,” while his father laughed that it “makes us work.” He was clearly uttering “every day, every day.” The guardians began the journey in exchange for pride.

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Before examining him, Kelvin told the judges that he was deliberately killed during his first game at the age of 9. Of course he did not waver in his AGT career. On the contrary, he has made tremendous progress.

Simon Cowell said Kelvin had a “special talent”, adding that it was “an amazing investigation”. Kelvin said he wanted to be a dentist and musician, so Howie took him outside saying “it’s not about dental education, but please.”

Who is the AGT star Kelvin Davis?

According to his website, Kelvin has been singing since he was three years old. He has an impressive track record, as he won first place for Voices in Montgomery County’s “Moko Got Talent” 2018.

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Kelvin was later asked to perform at the PTA’s Annual Celebration of Excellence. He sang a capella song by John Legend’s “All Me” which attracted the legend himself on Twitter. “Raira !!” He wrote in reply.

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Kelvin Worker by End

The young artist is also a drummer and artist, who appeared as a leader in the local production of Oliver Music! In January of this year, Kelvin celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. A local name is “Children’s Dream”. See his change “The change is bad” above.

We were excited to see Kelvin’s next game at AGT and see how far he was in the game. Tune in at the end of this season to see this referee.

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