Mediatonic Tees Boys Big Yeats Update

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Fall Guys was a huge hit when it was launched and this indie game still finds a swarm of both new players and experienced players who are enjoying the game. It was published at a perfect time where most of us are not coming out with this epidemic. As a result, this ugly and above all Royal Game of War quickly found a huge audience ready to play it. Plus, adding it as a PlayStation Plus free video game really makes it accessible to a huge audience right outside the gate.

Chances are you are already playing this game. But if that’s not the case, you’ve seen gameplay spread on social media, YouTube and streamers through Twitch’s favorite. Players may not get enough of the chaotic and intense gameplay as players go through multiple mini-games hoping to stand as the last person. Of course, with that being said, the levels are being rotated regularly on a regular basis. Players will notice that the game features a variety of levels, but the False Guys veterans are probably ready for some new content after playing the game once the launch begins.

We know that fruit guys are taking on a new season full of ingredients. We don’t know exactly which layers will be presented but it will be clearly themed in medieval times in terms of both layers and clothing. However, a recent tweet from the official Fall Guys Twitter account is likely to add more content as soon as Big Yates is published.

I got a fun leak for all of you

We’re working on a little bit of what we were calling …


Large yeasts will appear randomly on the level – to move things

Big Yates is chaotic neutral

Big Yeats is not your friend

Big Yeats is not your enemy / nIBBKcf5qM

– Fall Guys @ (@falzuizem) September 2, 2020

Big Yeats is a randomly produced giant hammer that will be placed between different levels. We’re not sure if Big Yates will be featured in every game but this giant swing hammer can help or harm players during the game. For example, players will see that this giant hammer can push their character further up the level by intercepting it at different levels. Meanwhile, if this hammer originates in an area that prevents players from moving forward, it can also become a real pain to deal with. We don’t yet know when this update will be added to the mix, or if there’s an interior, players will still be able to enjoy False Guys on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

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