Media Molecule still shows some of the best PS VR Dreams creations so far

Tom Dent, community manager at Media Molecule, took to the PlayStation blog to talk about their critically acclaimed headline, Dreams, on the PSVR platform.

You already know that dreams now allow more creativity to run through PSVR. We are truly on an amazing timeline where Dreams allows hundreds and hundreds of users to come up with many different and great games for this community. For those skeptical about picking their own copy of the game, Dent took to the blog to showcase some of the best work for Dreams on PSVR.

Tom Dent:

VR creation tools and * check calendar * What can the dream community do in just one month? It only took * a day * to see the cool VR staff start hitting the dreamers. You can already find a bunch of on-rail shooters, some wild interactive and exploitative space and of course, great mini-games. It’s almost impossible to compress these into five … but we tried:

Here are some of the best VR creations created by Dreams, if you are interested, check them out below!

My (VR experience rating: 2)

Built by Wagerball, ME is a truly trippy and fantastic VR experience. ME takes you on a journey around a world full of twists and great images, which is even more so as you progress! Do you like things that deny the details? Play me in the dream now.

Western Ride (VR experience rating: 2)

Western Ride is a classic Western (VR) shootout created by Loralagosta in a dream! In Oyster Ride you go on a running platform and take your best shots at the goals displayed throughout the game. Try your luck here.

Archery VR (VR Experience Rating: 2)

Everyone likes bows and arrows, right? Archery VR, created by Ceramini, is one of the simplest but most effective VR creations we have ever dreamed of. If you miss this bullshit briefly, it tells you to “go one more time”. Take archer VR shots here.

Spooky VR Boat Ride (VR Experience Rating: 1)

We can’t offer to create a ghostly VR, can we? Dreams is already an exciting place for the horror genre – now with added immersion. Do you want yoga immersion? If you have any fears, SpinBlood has the right thing for you. Ride a spooky VR boat here.

Just pogo

Created by A4325176890, Just Pogo has quickly become a new obsession between molecules. Just as you expected, Just Pogo has Pogo-ying in your heart’s content (that’s a word, isn’t it?) As you take on increasingly complex levels. Try your Pogo skills right here.

Press X from the puzzle

Our recent community jam has instructed dreamers to create their own button creation work and this has led to some incredible games – one of which is a puzzle from Press X created by Pixel_Gorilla. All you have to do is press the “X” button and then start … well, no deleters. The last one is inspiring. Play it here.


Biveson’s Green Guy creations regularly dropped our jaws to the floor, and Snowball, their latest animation, is no exception. Following a story by Green Guy’s collaborator Bo, The Snowball can make you laugh and cry and cry and we recommend you go see it at this moment. Here is the Indrims link!

Ever since the beginning of this year, dreams have come with amazing creations. There are countless creations that will blow you away, but the most recent one is the entertainment of the dream halo of dreams.

The creation came from an unsuspecting user on YouTube, who made the seemingly impossible and recreated Xbox title, Hello in Dreams. Admittedly, this is no easy joke as the game looks almost like any other PlayStation console. Although the gameplay video is short, limited to 40 seconds, fans and players alike can imagine a reality where it’s possible to see the dream hello creation for yourself right here!

Dreams is now available for PS4 and PSVR. Do you still dream game? Have you made anything cool yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog

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