McGuinness: Brexit talks on ‘autumn fever’ due to lack of progress

Irish MEP Mired McGuinness warns that the EU and the UK could get a “autumn fever” in the Brexit talks in the absence of progress so far.

Following the final stages of trade talks between the UK and the EU, EU chief negotiator Michelle Bernier said yesterday that the current situation was “disappointing”.

Mr Bernier indicated that he was awaiting a proposal from the UK on how the European Union could deal with Northern Ireland under the withdrawal agreement.

Gradually this progress occurred that the UK had previously ruled out any possibility of extending the Brexit transition period beyond December.

Mired McGuinness said about the Newstalt breakfast with Susan Keog that Brexit is not at the top of the news agenda at the moment, but the European Union is still fully aware of the lack of progress.

McGuinness: Brexit talks on ‘autumn fever’ due to lack of progress

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He explained, “If this time had been without COVID, I think the papers would have been concerned about Brexit. These are great times, however, so braided endenders are not the first item.

“Disappointing yesterday, as Michelle Bernier said … she didn’t go so far as to be pessimistic, but she was not very optimistic. On the EU side, I think there is a lack of progress and realism about what that could mean.”

Mrs McGuinness said there appeared to be ‘little progress’ in the fisheries sector, with the issue of a level playing field for companies – referring to the general rules and standards of post-Brexit trade – left behind at the door point.

He acknowledged that the current reliance on video conferencing is an issue, but added that the time for important discussions is growing as we move into the summer.

The Fine Gael MEP explained: “We are very concerned that we are going to June 1, and there will be a high-level conference in June … The UK and the EU must agree to extend the current term beyond December 2020 if negotiations are not fruitful or progressive. , But you know that the United Kingdom has strongly condemned it.

“As we enter the summer, negotiations are likely to continue, but we will probably look for an autumn fever – and even at that stage there is no guarantee that things will even get done.”

He said the European Union would be “deeply concerned” if some people in the UK began to believe that Brexit was no longer so important because of the effects of Covid-19 on business, society and the economy.

He noted, “The UK government has been occupied with addressing the highest priority of public health, as have all governments.

“Perhaps in that pressure zone, Brexit is not seen as as important as the public health dilemma.”

He pointed to the agro-food sector – which has been hit by the epidemic “as a result of the closure of the food service market” – as a region where the European Union wants to continue trading with the UK after the current period. Crisis.

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