Match payments will be reduced at Wallaby

In 2020, all players were forced to cut their salaries at various levels, and their salaries were reduced to 70 percent in the last quarter of the year due to Super Rugby players not being involved in wallabies. Those in the gold jersey and those on the larger Wallabies squad were on full pay.

The good news is that all Australia-based players have been advised to return to full-time in 2021 as top-end savings.

Although not yet officially signed off, sources told the Herald that there is a significant adjustment in terms of passing tests on the card.

It is understood that as part of the latest CBA, Wallaby players paid $ 10,000 in RA contracts, and non-RA contracted players took about 12 12,000 in Tests.

However, it is understood that about half of these matches may delete payments, and more than likely where the incarnation of the discussion on

For any non-contract player taking part in every Test in 2021 – Wallace can play as many as 15 Tests this year – that equates to a loss of about 90 90,000.

But sources say Wallace’s senior figures have agreed that they will forget a portion of their lucrative match payments to retain talent across the board and ensure contracts are honored.

The Wallabies will face France in three Tests in July, but the international calendar is still closed.

Another adjustment to the CBA could possibly involve the size of the Wallabies squad. Under Coach Dave Rainey, 44 players were recruited last year and although this was due to Covid-19 and needed a larger squad to cut unexpected injuries, officials are keen to return to smaller teams to save costs.

The Wallace won one of six Tests in 2020, but drew three.

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Tom Descent is a Sydney Morning Herald reporter

Sam Sidney is a sports reporter for the Morning Herald.

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