Mary Trump’s Tell-All book is temporarily blocked in court

On Tuesday, a judge ordered a temporary restraint on Robert Trump to stop the publication of Mary Trump’s upcoming Towel, Too Much and Never Enough: Who’s My Family The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

The ban marks the first, temporary victory in the war to stop publishing his niece’s memoirs for President Donald Trump’s younger brother, which the Daily Beast alleged earlier this month, is embarrassing for the first family. The Trump siblings maintain that the book, published by Simon & Schuster, violates the privacy clause that Mary Trump signed into the family estate Fred Trump Sr. property settlement.

Robert Trump and his celebrity attorney Charles Harder made the first play to get the book stuck in the Queen’s Surrogate Court – but the judge immediately drafted the case, asking the veteran Trump to refill it to the state Supreme Court. They took this advice and submitted a new request for a temporary restraining order on Robert Trump’s New York presence on the home turf of the Duchess County.

Their arguments were somewhat persuasive by Judge Hal Greenwald, who ordered Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster to appear before him on July 10 and barred the publication of their book.

“Petitioner Robert S. Trump’s preliminary injunction is pending hearing and resolution in motion, Mary L. Trump and Simon & Schuster, Inc., their respective members, officers, employees, employees, agents, attorneys, agents and any other person.” Acting on behalf of or in conjunction with the two of them, they are temporarily ordered and restrained, “the judge ordered.” Too much and never enough in any medium containing Mary L’s account or description, how my family made the most dangerous man in the world From “Robert S. Trump, Donald Trump, or Marian Trump to Trump’s Barry,” from the publication, printing, or distribution of this book, although not limited to the book titled.

This decision is only preliminary, leaving the final fate of the book to the next decision on the merits of the lawsuit.

Mary Trump’s attorney, Theodore Boutros Jenner, told the Daily Beast in a statement

“The trial court’s temporary restraining order is only temporary but it is a precedent in the original political discourse that clearly violates the First Amendment. We will apply immediately. ”

A person familiar with the matter said the Daily Beast book, published by Simon and Schuster, is already in third print and the publishing giant is working to get Tom, who is currently at No. 4 on Amazon’s best-selling list, out of the bookstore before its July 28 release.

The Daily Beast first reported that Fred Trump’s senior granddaughter and Donald Trump’s niece called it a “painful and rich” thing that Mary would reveal herself as the primary source for the New York Times for their Trump tax investigation.


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