Mary-Kate Olsen’s appeal to the emergency department was rejected by a judge who considered it “trivial.”

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Mary-Kate Olsen’s application for an urgent divorce from her husband Olivia Sarkozy was rejected because the matter was deemed “irrelevant.”

Ashley Olson, a 33-year-old design model and twin sister, has appealed for an emergency order as a New York court is closed due to her current health condition, but her judge was denied by the New York State Supreme Court on Saturday, May 14th. .

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New York court spokeswoman Lucian Schalfen told people that Olsen’s original appeal was rejected by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz because “important litigation procedures” had not been followed.

“We only accept necessary / urgent questions for the application,” Chalafen said. Initial filing was rejected by New York County headquarters because they did not follow the “critical” procedure.

“In an important case they were recovered according to procedure, and the case was referred to a former judge in New York,” a public spokesman said of Olsen’s request. “He decided it didn’t matter, so at the moment they can’t provide anything.”

Olsen first signed a petition to separate the 50-year-old French banker on April 17 and filed an urgent petition on Wednesday, May 13.

According to TMZ, Olsen said lawyers received an email from Sarkozy’s lawyers stating that he would have to leave the New York couple’s apartment by May 16. To meet the condition due to the order to stay home in the city – but he did not respond to the request. Olsen added that he stopped renting them without his knowledge.

The filed documents state that Olsen’s defense filed a petition for segregation in a way that could protect his property, which would “trigger an automatic court order preventing him from disposing of his property.” TMZ further stated that Olsen had claimed in the divorce application that they should abide by the welfare agreement.

Olsen and Sarkozy first started dating in May 2012 and got engaged in early 2014. They have been looking for a romance since they got married in November 2015.

A source told People Thursday that Sorokozi wanted Olsen to be more “accessible” to their marriage.

“He’s very focused on his career, he’s very French and he wanted to be more accessible,” Dosser said. “You can’t control a girl who has been a millionaire since the 20’s.”

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